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Menno is a postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis in the USA. He investigates the interplay between the crust and the mantle through numerical modelling, with a focus on the study of subduction zones. Menno is part of the GD blog team as an editor.

Earthquakes within the plates

Earthquakes within the plates

As fascinating as the plate tectonics and its accompanying dynamics are, continental interiors are no quiescent zones. The tectonics within these interiors are apparent in the occurrence of numerous intraplate earthquakes, and this week, EGU blog editor Arushi Saxena briefly discusses them and their mechanisms. Earthquakes are a fairly common occurrence here on Earth’s crust. Although most are ess ...[Read More]

EGU medals and awards

EGU medals and awards

The deadline for submitting nominations is arriving soon. So it is the perfect time for EGU Geodynamics President Jeroen van Hunen to explain what awards there are and how easy it is to nominate you colleague for it! This is my first-ever EGU GD blog (in fact, this is the first time I am writing a blog at all). I feel like stepping into a new world. The topic of this blog is EGU medals and awards. ...[Read More]

2021 Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics Developers Workshop


On February 23 and 25, 2021, the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG) organized its first Developer Workshop. CIG is a community organization that advances Earth science by developing and disseminating software for geophysics and related fields. The goal of the meeting was to bring the CIG developer community together to discuss current issues and opportunities. Brad Aagaard (U.S. Ge ...[Read More]

Thermodynamics and Geodynamics: The perfect couple?

till heat death do us part?

In preparation for Valentines day, Bob Myhill explores the potential for close partnership (and even love?) between the geodynamics and thermodynamics communities. Much of Earth and planetary science relies in some way on thermodynamics. This is not a surprise; the elegance1 of its premises makes thermodynamics a robust starting point for many investigations, and the number of thermodynamic applic ...[Read More]