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Menno is a postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis in the USA. He investigates the interplay between the crust and the mantle through numerical modelling, with a focus on the study of subduction zones. Menno is part of the GD blog team as an editor.

Thermodynamics and Geodynamics: The perfect couple?

till heat death do us part?

In preparation for Valentines day, Bob Myhill explores the potential for close partnership (and even love?) between the geodynamics and thermodynamics communities. Much of Earth and planetary science relies in some way on thermodynamics. This is not a surprise; the elegance1 of its premises makes thermodynamics a robust starting point for many investigations, and the number of thermodynamic applic ...[Read More]

Across Borders and Sectors

By Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK - Oil PumpUploaded by tm, CC BY 2.0,

Moving a country for a new job is a big step, but at the same time changing from an industry job to academics is definitely a leap in the unknown. This week Arushi Saxena, currently a post-doc at the University of Florida,  writes about her experience taking these two steps at the same time. As geodynamicists, we are well aware that our numerical models are a function of the input parameters. A re ...[Read More]

Interactive and Collaborative Virtual Reality Visualization for Geodynamics

Interactive and Collaborative Virtual Reality Visualization for Geodynamics

Nowadays geodynamics can involve a lot of 3D data which has to be analyzed. This week Oliver Kreylos, a researcher with the UC Davis W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences (KeckCAVES) and the UC Davis DataLab, shows us an alternative to looking at 3D data or models on a 2D screen: looking at them in full 3D through virtual reality! One problem in studying Earth’s dee ...[Read More]

Locking people up to program — or: “What is a hackathon?”

Locking people up to program — or: “What is a hackathon?”

This week the seventh yearly hackathon of the geodynamics code ASPECT is taking place. But what actually is a hackathon, why is it useful and how did it get started in the first place? This week, Wolfgang Bangerth, one of the founders of ASPECT, explores all these questions for us. Due to the intensity of a hackathon, he wrote this article before the start of the hackathon. It’s really not p ...[Read More]