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The Sassy Scientist – Mi Outcrop Es Su Casa

The Sassy Scientist – Mi Outcrop Es Su Casa

Stuck at home, Roger keeps alive the hope of returning to fieldwork. Obviously, he wants my thoughts on: What are your top tips for planning fieldwork during a pandemic? Dear Roger, I see you started the long and costly process of planning remote fieldwork, only to have it cancelled by a pandemic. Given the huge uncertainties you have two big options ahead of you (and no middle group of course, be ...[Read More]

What can we learn from geodynamic failure?

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In this week’s post, Mohamed Gouiza discusses the challenges of living under constant stress, paralysed by the possibility of failure and self-perceived inevitability of impending breakup. Continental rifting, of course! Oh… did you think I was talking about life as a researcher? Under tensile stress, the lithosphere stretches, the asthenosphere rises, the crust fails, and rifts form. During this ...[Read More]

The Sassy Scientist – The Philosopher’s Stone

The Sassy Scientist – The Philosopher’s Stone

Hermione has finally completed her graduate studies, with some extra-curricular training that will remain unnamed here and with activities which some will not remember. Now the time has come to use that newly acquired title for good although demands, desires and duties meander through the realm of possibilities, leaving Hermione in a perpetual plight: What to do when obtaining a PhD in geodynamics ...[Read More]

And the solution to your lock-down-related sadness is…

Phat Thai!

Cooking of course! Let me explain. This week, instead of doing his job, Antoine Rozel (senior researcher in ETH Zürich), shows that all your life problems will instantly disappear if you start cooking. Warning, this introductory paragraph is not going to cheer you up, skip it if you are already feeling blue unless you want to suffer a little more (that’s OK). Clearly the explosion of number ...[Read More]