Assistant Professor Juliane Dannberg, University of Florida.

Juliane Dannberg

Juliane Dannberg is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She is a geodynamicist, and she is interested in various processes that affect mantle convection and in particular mantle plumes and mantle heterogeneity, such as phase transitions, melting, magma dynamics, and grain size evolution.

Thermodynamics and Geodynamics: The perfect couple? Part II

till heat death do us part?

In January of this year, Bob Myhill wrote about the coupling of geodynamics and thermodynamics, and why this coupling is so valuable. This blog post, Juliane Dannberg follows up on this topic, looking at it from the geodynamics perspective. In other words, discussing the question: Where does it make a difference in geodynamic models if we include realistic thermodynamic models or not? In geodynami ...[Read More]

Magma dynamics

Magma dynamics

In this week’s Geodynamics 101 post, Juliane Dannberg, Assistant Professor at the University of Florida, outlines the role of mantle melt generation and transport in geodynamics. Mantle melting and magma transport are important influences on the dynamics and chemical evolution of the Earth’s interior. All of Earth’s oceanic crust and depleted oceanic lithosphere is generated through melting ...[Read More]