What to expect from EGU22: hybrid General Assembly

What to expect from EGU22: hybrid General Assembly

This year, the EGU General Assembly 2022 (EGU22) will be in hybrid form, with on-site events in Vienna (returning after three years of absence), while at the same time introducing new concepts to include virtual attendees as much as possible. With the hybrid conference looming in just a few weeks, it’s time for all attendees to finish (or start..) their scientific contributions and figure out how ...[Read More]

Join in our Mag-netZ !

Join in our Mag-netZ !

For better or for worse, online seminars have stealthily become part of our routine. This week, Daniele Thallner from the University of Florida, “attracts” our attention to a seminar series on geomagnetism and geodynamo modeling — Mag-netZ! The 2022 season of the MagNetZ seminar series is live! The MagNetZ (Magnetic NetworkZ) online seminar series was started in early 2020 to serve as ...[Read More]

2022 ASPECT Users Workshop

2022 ASPECT virtual user workshop

On January 19th and 20th, ASPECT had it’s annual virtual user workshop. With more than 60 participants, the virtual workshop has grown quite a bit since it started in 2020. This two day world-wide virtual event was full of great developments and showing exiting new applications in which ASPECT is being used.  I will give here a short summary of the topics which where presented and discussed, ...[Read More]

ASPECT 2021 hackathon

Minions with or versus dinos?

Last year we introduced the ASPECT hackaton on this geodynamics blog. It was the first hackathon which went virtual which brought a whole set of new challenges. This year was the 8th version of the yearly hackathon, and it was still virtual (unfortunately). Fortunately lessons where learned from the previous virutal hackathon and generally from working more than a year online. Therefore a short bl ...[Read More]