We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

After continuously writing and commissioning blog posts for months on end, the EGU Geodynamics blog is taking a well-deserved break. Like you(?), we will spend our Christmas holidays relaxing and – most importantly – preparing for another exciting blog year ahead. We will be back early February with our New Year’s resolutions, but until then, we will leave you with some Christmas wishes from the blog team!

Iris van Zelst
I wish everyone a very relaxed holiday with minimal stress levels during which you do all the things you love and maybe (dare I say it?) forget about work for a moment.




Anne Glerum
I wish everybody happy holidays with good food, good company and some good old-fashioned Christmas movies. Like Home Alone 1. Or 2. Or 3. Or 4.




Anna Gülcher
I wish you a period of relaxing and laughter, and – if possible – momentarily turning a blind eye to science to focus on family, friends and recharging for the year come!




Diogo Lourenço
Hello dear readers! For this holiday, I wish you a very relaxing time, with many great books around you to read. Peace, equality, fraternity, and liberty to you, and to all on Earth!




Tobias Meier
I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the break, the good food and a lot of cookies. And if you ever feel like you had too many cookies, maybe enjoy skiing in geologically favourable areas?


Antoine Rozel
Have a great Christmas with your family and friends and try to relax a little!





Grace Shephard
What didn’t get done in science-land in 2019 can wait a little more for the next year. Surround yourselves with family and friends, and take it easy. So it is just an oldie but a goodie from me – I wish you a happy, healthy and safe ​​end to the year!


The Sassy Scientist
I wish you all a relaxed period spent with your families so that all batteries are charged and you can write a brilliant abstract before the EGU GA deadline.

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Iris is a postdoc at the German Aerospace Center in Berlin, Germany. Her current research revolves around modelling Venus. Previous projects concerned subduction dynamics and the associated seismic and tsunami hazards. Iris is the former Editor-in-chief of the GD blog team and now sometimes just blogs for fun. You can reach Iris via email. For more details, please visit Iris' personal webpage or check out her youtube channel:

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