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Behind the scenes: The EGU Natural Hazards Division Blog Editorial Team unveiled!

Behind the scenes: The EGU Natural Hazards Division Blog Editorial Team unveiled!
2023 draws to a close. Looking back, our NH Division Blog has rolled out 20 different posts! We’ve chatted with awesome medallists, tackled current challenges in natural hazards, and showcased key projects and activities in the field. But who are the lovely and creative minds behind this? In this year’s final post, we’re going to find out together.  
The Blog Editorial Team is currently formed by 7 scientists working and/or studying in 6 countries with diverse backgrounds in the natural hazards field who love creativity and science communication. Let’s get to know the team behind the scenes!


Silvia De Angeli – the graphics addict!

I am an environmental engineer. I currently work as a Fixed-term Assistant Professor at the University of Genoa in Italy. My research interests encompass natural hazard exposure and vulnerability assessment, the analysis of multi-hazard risk dynamics, and the investigation of urban resilience in the face of compound and consecutive disasters. I love cross-disciplinary approaches and thrive on multi-disciplinarity, always seeking to view things from various perspectives. I am passionate about my job, and I enjoy alternating between research and teaching and mentoring students. 

I am the current Early Career Scientist Representative for the Natural Hazard Division for the term 2022-2024. 

I joined the NH blog as Editor at the end of 2021. I am a fan of infographics and visually appealing content, which I often incorporate into my posts. I am passionate about design, graphics, and art, and I always strive to infuse a bit of creativity into my science outreach efforts.

When I’m not conducting research or writing blog posts, I love binge-watching TV series, savouring good food, and singing.


Paulo Hader – the landAI guy!

I am an environmental engineer by training and passionate about the earth system. In 2021, I completed my MSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the São Paulo State University (Brazil), where I developed a dynamic predictive space-time model for landslide risk aimed at early warnings using GIS, statistics and machine learning. 

Presently, I am working in the industry as a Data Scientist for a tech company in Portugal. In parallel, I have developed a project for a future PhD position on topics that are my career inspiration, such as landslide forecasting, multi-hazards, climate change, earth observation and AI. I am fascinated by the wide-reaching effects of climate change on natural processes, particularly its significance in improving forecasting and disaster risk reduction through early warning systems.

In 2020, I had the privilege of joining the NH ECS team. Since then, I have been actively engaged as both an author and later, as an editor for blog activities. It is very rewarding to develop ideas and contribute effectively alongside such talented and committed colleagues, which is a huge career opportunity.

Apart from my curiosity about this geologically active planet, I love travelling and immersing myself in the culture of the countries I visit, appreciating their landscapes and food. I also practise CrossFit and am an avid fan of Olympic sports. 


Shreya Arora – the pro of interviews!

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences at Bates College, Maine, and a former postdoc of the Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba. I am a paleoseismologist who studies past earthquakes to estimate the potential of future earthquakes in a region. I work in seismically active areas like the Himalayas, the San Andreas Fault, and Argentina. At Bates College, I am dedicated to making my research accessible and building a community-based course through the Harvard Center. One of my long-term goals is to make an earthquake awareness campaign to talk about the importance of earthquake preparedness in schools.

Within Natural Hazards, I am a Blog Editor/Author and a member of the Early Career Scientists team. My post, “Breaking the glass ceiling in diversity, equity and inclusion in Geosciences“, won the EGU Best Blog Post (Panel Vote) of the Year 2022.

I have developed a passion for earthquake research from a very young age. Growing up in northern India and experiencing multiple tremors of the Himalayan earthquakes motivated me towards this research. The impacts of natural hazards are apparent, and disseminating the research findings to wider audiences is more critical than ever. With this goal in mind, I joined the NH ECS team, and since then, I have been actively involved in the blog activities. 

Alongside research and science communication, I am a marathon runner and a passionate photographer.


Soheil Mohammadi – the DisasterSynthesiser!

I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Genoa, Italy, developing a resilience-based methodology for recovery planning in multi-risk conditions.

My interest extends to analysing complex systems, particularly human-water systems, bridging my engineering background with a deep interest in the social and political dimensions of environmental challenges. Through hands-on experience in disaster recovery and urban regeneration programs, I’ve developed a passion for participatory planning and co-producing knowledge between local and scientific communities.

Outside of research, I’m an avid consumer of podcasts, audiobooks, documentaries, and TV series. 


Hedieh Soltanpour – the eternal student!

As a PhD candidate with a background in physical geography (geomorphology and natural hazards), I am conducting research on multi-hazard risks in karst contexts. I am studying the interlinked hazards and exploring how they can form networks of hazard events. My aim is to contribute to a better understanding of hazard interactions and promote a sustainable approach to disaster risk management. By delving into these complexities, I aim to pave the way for more effective and informed strategies that ensure the safety and resilience of communities exposed to multiple hazards.

A bit too formal? Alright. Setting aside my academic world, I am all about travelling as it gives me the tools to appreciate diversity more and enjoy my existence on this vast planet. As a Persian, my soul therapy is doing Persian calligraphy with a simple pen. That helps me spill my feelings onto paper.

Being a new member of the NH editorial team, it is needless to say that I adore writing. Even though I am currently in the battle with writing my thesis, free writing on various subjects, including simplifying scientific topics without having to stick to standard structures, gives me lots of joy. Contributing to this inclusive blog editorial team at NH EGU provides me with the opportunity to both write freely and review diverse posts.

Finally, I am always on this never-ending language learning journey, continually improving my English as my second and academic language and French as the language of my everyday living environment. Voilà!


Navakanesh M Batmanathan – the Geodude! 

I have had a passion for geology since I was a kid. I used to collect rocks, minerals, and even fossils. This led me to pursue an academic life, and my path took a turn when I enrolled in a PhD Program at the Southeast Asia Disaster Prevention Research Initiative, National University of Malaysia. My research focuses on the impact of vertical land motion on the coastal region of Malaysia. I use remote sensing techniques to perform time-series analysis on the susceptible coastlines across the main economic hubs. Before my current research, I was working on mapping seismogenic faults in NW Borneo and simultaneously engaged with local communities. The interaction with various stakeholders led me to believe in the importance of disaster preparedness. It is essential as increasing hazard patterns indicate more damage and loss of life is expected. Thus, I want to make a difference by educating others on emerging disasters and their cascading impacts.

I joined the editorial team in July 2023 and contributed one post as of now. Besides a busy life, I enjoy hiking and managed to hike several mountains in Peninsular Malaysia (it was tough, trust me). I’m a big fan of LOTR, Marvel and DC Universe. Oh yes, I love to collect Hot Wheels, especially those 70s muscle cars. 


Asimina Voskaki – the boss!

I am a Doctoral Researcher working on analysing climate risk in an airport context. I am a geologist with an MSc in environmental planning and an MRes in airport environmental strategy assessment and water management efficiency. I have worked as a climate risk and resilience consultant and an environmental specialist, and I love using my skills to support organisations to prepare for, mitigate the impact, and recover from the effects of climate change.

I have been an active member of the editorial team since March 2020 and the editor-in-chief since September 2022. 

Although delivering different roles simultaneously (full-time job, PhD, NH Blog activities) can be exhausting, it can also be rewarding; it helps me expand my mind, gives me purpose, keeps me motivated and provides the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

As life is not just work, I love travelling and exploring new places and cultures. I am addicted to the superhero universe (especially Marvel – I love Thor) and Star Wars movies and always look for an opportunity to watch a film (for the 50th time). 

I am originally from Greece and enjoy the sea, sun, food, and raki every summer when visiting my family.


Do you want to join our team?

If you want to discover the five (or more) reasons why you should become a blog editor about natural hazards… have a look hereWe actively seek beautiful minds to contribute with new and original ideas. Would you like to determine if this is for you? Write about a natural hazard-related topic you are passionate about (for example, your research topic, a paper you enjoyed reading, an exciting project you worked on, or an initiative) and send it to us. 

All it takes is a bit of inspiration… and to send an email to ecs-nh@egu.eu 😉. 


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My name is Asimina Voskaki, and I am a Doctoral Researcher working on analysing climate risk in an airport context. I am a geoscientist with an MSc in environmental planning and an MRes in airport environmental strategy assessment and water management efficiency. I am passionate about climate resilience and using my skills to support organisations to prepare for, mitigate the impact and recover from the effects of climate change.

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Silvia De Angeli is a Fixed-term Assistant Professor at the University of Genoa in Italy, investigating water-related and multi-hazard risks for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. She has obtained a Ph.D. in Understanding and Managing Extremes at IUSS Pavia (Italy) and spent an exchange period as a Postgraduate Researcher at King's College London - Geography Department, working on multi-hazard risk. Her research interests encompass natural hazards exposure and vulnerability assessment, water-related risk assessment, climate change adaptation strategies, and multi-hazard risk assessment.

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