Natural Hazards

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Natural Hazards 101: Forecasting and modelling

Natural Hazards 101: Forecasting and modelling

With the Natural Hazards 101 series, we mean to bring our readers closer to the terminology often used in the field of natural hazards, but that may not be so familiar. In the first episode of the series, we focused on the definition of hazard and natural hazard. We moved then to the concept of risk, which brought us to define exposure and vulnerability. Later on, we digested the disaster terminol ...[Read More]

Diagnosing drought in northeast Brazil

A dam, an almost empty water reservoir and a small abandoned boat

Worldwide, drought has put lives and livelihoods under serious threat. People are increasingly suffering from drought, but we often also aggravate drought ourselves. Fortunately, solutions to drought problems are mainly in our own hands as well. Drought is not just a water problem. It is a societal problem.   Droughts: a local problem with global relevance In recent years, droughts seem to be ...[Read More]