NetherMod Day 1 – Breaking the ice

NetherMod Day 1 – Breaking the ice

This week the EGU Blog Team is attending Nethermod, so we will give you daily updates! Nethermod is the XV International Workshop on Numerical Modelling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics. The 2017 workshop is held at a lakeside hotel near Putten, The Netherlands. The meeting is co-sponsored by the Utrecht University, the Oslo University Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED), the European Geological Union (EGU), and the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG).

Iris is a postdoc at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Her current research revolves around intermediate-depth seismicity and the geodynamic modelling of subducting plates. Her recently completed PhD was on the modelling of tsunamigenic earthquakes using a range of interdisciplinary modelling approaches, such as geodynamic, dynamic rupture, and tsunami modelling. Iris is Editor-in-chief of the GD blog team. You can reach Iris via email. For more details, please visit Iris' personal webpage or check out her youtube channel:

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