Natural Hazards

Vale Cigala

Valeria Cigala is originally from Italy and is currently a postdoc research fellow at LMU Munich. She works on explosive volcanic eruptions and related hazards. She is actively taking part in the realization of the Blog for the Natural Hazard Division of EGU because scientific outreach is important and never enough.

Ready to be a great conference presenter?

Ready to be a great conference presenter?

With the EGU General Assembly just around the corner, it’s time to pay special attention to how present your research, ideas, and messages to leave the best impression on a broad scientific community. However, it’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd at such big events and get people to notice you and remember your work. In the webinar organised by the ECS group of the EGU Natu ...[Read More]

We want you: New Science Officers seeking.

Interested in getting involved in shaping the EGU NH Division? Interested in having an active role during the organisation of the annual General Assembly?  Are you working in a field of research related to Natural Hazards? Then keep reading! Our Division is seeking new volunteer Science Officers to fill in the role for the following subdivisions: NH2: Volcanic Hazards NH3: Landslide Hazards NH5: S ...[Read More]

Putting some pieces of the climate puzzle together, a chat with Jakob Zscheischler

Putting some pieces of the climate puzzle together, a chat with Jakob Zscheischler

The climate on our home planet is changing, and the effects of this change affect all of us at different levels starting from an enhancement of extreme weather events, a severe natural hazard. Climate change has several drivers, which in turn have complex interactions. Thus, it should not surprise us if climate science is a complex and interdisciplinary discipline with numerous players and great p ...[Read More]

Is it time to think about the EGU General Assembly 2022? Yes, it is!

Blue background, yellow text: EGU General Assembly. #EGU22 3-8 April 2022

The General Assembly (GA) 2022 will take place from 3 to 8 April 2022, and, as of now, it is thought to be hosted in a hybrid format with in-presence events in Vienna (Austria) and online events on an interactive platform.   The conference is still so far away, why do you have to think about it now? Well, for once, the call for abstracts is open! So, it is time to review the provisional progr ...[Read More]