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Too envious to watch Netflix’s Selling Sunset? Gone through the top 5 geodynamic movies? Lock-down vacation too boring for words? In need of useful procrastination? Search no longer! We have compiled an extensive list of online webinars and speaker series that were already active pre-Corona or saw the daylight during the pandemic to stay in touch with our colleagues both abroad and next door. Most of them are even recorded, so there to watch at your earliest convenience. Put on your comfiest pants and start working!

Note: Working across time zones can be confusing. Where applicable, I’ve listed starting times in the format used by the webinar organizers (e.g. Eastern Time (ET), Central Europe Summer Time (CEST)) as well as in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The latter includes a link to a time zone converter.

EGU Webinars and online events
Upcoming EGU online events include a webinar on Geoscience education initiatives (Zoom, August 17, 16:00 CEST, 14:00 UTC) and one on ERC grants (October 19, 12:00 CEST, 10:00 UTC), while recorded past events include this year’s EGU: Sharing Geoscience Online conference, available through EGU’s YouTube channel.

UK Geophysics & Tectonics seminar (“G&T”)
G&T seminars (drinks not included) take place on Zoom every Wednesday starting 11:00 am ET, 15:00 UTC, consisting of a 40-minute presentation and 20 minutes of questions. The seminars are recorded and can be found under Schedule > Speakers.

IGCP 648 Virtual Seminar Series
This series also takes place on Zoom weekly, without a fixed day. A presentation of 40 minutes is followed by about 20 minutes of discussion, and talks are recorded and made publicly available.

COMET webinar series
The Centre for the Observation and Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonics has been holding webinars since 2017 and recordings are published online.

AGU How to: Skills for the Complete Scientist (Sharing Science Webinar Series)
Looking to upgrade your science skill set? Have a look at AGU’s Webinar series. Registration for the upcoming webinars till the end of the year is required, while older presentations can be found on AGU’s YouTube channel linked at the bottom of the page.

RHUL Earth Sciences: Learn with Us
The Earth Sciences department of Royal Holloway holds weekly talks aimed at the general public on Wednesdays at 14:00 pm CEST (12:00 pm UTC). Upcoming events can be found on Eventbrite, where tickets for the free talks can be booked.

DeTect Talk Series
The Deformation and Tectonics Talk Series is currently on summer break, but previous talks of this Corona-era series can be watched online.

MCS RCN Volcanic Systems Webinar series
The Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction will kick off its Volcanic Systems Webinar series in September (15 and 17th, 11:30 am EDT, 15:30 UTC), with 2 events consisting of two talks and a discussion each. Recorded earlier presentations focussed on successful interdisciplinary collaborations.

CIG Tectonics Community Science Workshop 2020
The talks and discussions of last week’s CIG workshop Ductile shear zones and localization processes are online! In case you missed the real deal due to time zone restrictions (or any other restrictions obviously), this is your chance to catch up.

NASA Venus Science Today conference
NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Akatsuki Science Team will host a Zoom conference August 31 – September 3 about Venus research published or submitted in the last year. Daily sessions last 2 hours and start at 15:00 pm CEST (06:00 USA West Coast, 09:00 USA East Coast, 22:00 Japan Standard Time, 13:00 pm UTC) each day.

Rifts and Rifted Margins Seminar
This seminar series holds biweekly topical sessions each consisting of three 15-minute presentations followed by a group discussion. The sessions are held on Mondays, 16:00 pm CEST (14:00 pm UTC) and you can subscribe to the announcement mailing list here. The Zoom talks are recorded and published on YouTube for rewatching.

This list was composed through the hive-knowledge of the GD blog editor group and obviously not exhaustive. If you’d like your online, openly available webinars listed here, please comment a link to the webinar webpage below!

One last word of advice, OK two words:

1) yes, you should mute your microphone and turn of your camera when listening to a live webinar, but do use an instructive screen name (like your actual name), and

2) yes, you can have too much of a good thing: don’t binge-watch all in one go, then what would you do tomorrow?

Happy watching!

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