The Sassy Scientist – Video Versatility

The Sassy Scientist – Video Versatility

Lis has been studying, investigating, deconvoluting, cross-correlating, referencing, inverting, plotting, database searching … and whatnot. With just a few synapses still firing at all cylinders and demonstrating an uninterrupted dispense of productivity, she wonders:

Should I start my own (geodynamics…?) online video channel?

Dear Lis,

Why not? Everyone’s not working properly anyways in this day-and-age of social media, online conferences and e-seminars. Distractions are highly sought after. And people can (and probably should) procrastinate even more, notwithstanding an occasional visit to this very blog. I can think of no better way than sharing your own thoughts with the world. Yes … you heard it right … the world. THE WORLD. You know, nowadays, ideas and experiences you have acquired in your hard days work can be shared ever so easily. There’s this thing called the internet. Wonderful medium. You can share EVERYTHING. Everything that’s unmistakable geodynamic, academic or quirky. And the most evident way of doing so is through a video channel (due to some horrid reasons, I have been ordered to say that there are many fruitful platforms which may or may not be better than others … or at least not blocked in certain countries). And people want to gulp up those ideas. YOUR ideas. YOUR thoughts. YOUR silliness. YOUR life. And it’s not just cute cat videos. Or silly dog videos. Or hilarious parrot videos. It’s not even just videos on plate tectonic recontructions. On terrifying tsunami scenarios. On the Mediterranean salt giant. And let’s not forget the earthquake cycle. No. No-one will ever forget about that. Ever… EVER. So, is there anything you can provide then, with all that Earth science magic already sprucing up the place? It will take all the brainpower you’ve got left to think of proper topics, hilarious dubbing and scientifically sound amalgamation to edit the perfect video. The box of ‘outreach’ on your CV is ticked, and you’ve managed to squeeze those last drops out of the once-juicy lemon of scientific avidity you share with unbridled and brazen fervour. Now all you need to do is imitate some well-known scientific personae (preferably some of your direct (past) colleagues), throw in some of your expertise and very, VERY … VERY!!! important, hot topics (don’t forget to be extra self-confident), and lastly be funny (or sarcastic) enough to inspire the masses and go viral. That’s where the money is!

Yours truly,

The Sassy Scientist

PS: This post was written under persistent duress and through blatant self-interest directed by the very editor-in-chief of this here geodynamics blog. Some people don’t know the meaning of the word shame. Apparently.

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I am currently employed at a first tier research institute where I am continuously working with the greatest minds to further our understanding of the solid Earth system. Whether it is mantle or lithosphere structure and dynamics, solid Earth rheology parameters, earthquake processes, integrating observations with model predictions or inversions: you have read a paper of mine. Even if you are working on a topic I haven’t mentioned here, I still know everything about it. Do you have any problems in your research career? I have already experienced them. Do you struggle with your work-life balance? Been there, done that. Nowadays, I have only one hobby: helping you out by answering the most poignant questions in geodynamics, research and life. I am waiting for you right here. Get inspired.

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