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2020 Recap of the HS Blog

2020 Recap of the HS Blog
It may seem strange to stop and look back on 2020. What a complicated year it was! We may however enjoy talking about good things that also happened this year.

There may be many things we wish we coud have done (or done differently). We all missed our annual GA in Vienna, and learned how to chat and move on with communicating our research within the new concept of online meeting offered by the SGO EGU 2020. We submitted our session proposals again for the GA 2021 and we are getting ready for another online event, with experience gained and new features that will allow us to feel as if we were in Vienna, while being able to enjoy virtually meeting collegues again and communicating our research results and project news.

For the HS Blog, it was our second year since it was launched in March 2019. Many interesting posts were published in 2019 (if you missed them, check the recap here) and many more appeared this year. This Division Blog is an open opportunity for those who wish to highlight their research in hydrological sciences or share their views and opinions in a hydrology-related topic.

  • In 2020, we published a total of 24 posts. You can read them all, sorted by thematic groups, following the links below.
  • You can also think about how you can contribute to the HS Blog next year. We are going to continue this activity in 2021, and you are invited to join us either by contacting us with a blog post you want to publish or volunteering to join the Editorial and Outreach team of the Division.
  • There are many ways to be part o the EGU HS Division community and volunteer to the many activities it offers: from planning the GA programme within the sub-divisions to outreach and medal/awards committees.

Contact us if you want to volunteer, subscribe to our mailing list, and join us in Twitter

Hydrology during a pandemic year:

Our EGU 2020 GA, medallists and ECS awardee:

Hydrological modelling and processes:

Featured catchments:

Hydrologists for more inclusive sciences:

Hydrology and education:

The Editorial team thanks all the authors who contributed to the blog in 2020. This blog is run on a volunteer basis by and for the hydrology community – so join us, have fun reading and writing your own blog posts in 2021!

Happy New Year!



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