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Hydrologists Join Youth-Led #GlobalClimateStrike

Hydrologists Join Youth-Led #GlobalClimateStrike

In a powerful sign of solidarity, adults from across an estimated 185 countries took to the streets to join last Friday’s youth-led Global Climate Strike, the largest climate protest in history. Among those in attendance were hydrologists from around the world, who stood shoulder to shoulder with young people to support their calls for immediate climate action. As a hydrologist who participa ...[Read More]

YHS interview Martyn P. Clark: “rainfall-runoff modelling, per se, is dead”

In its “Hallway Conversations” series, the Young Hydrologic Society has recently published an interview with Martyn P. Clark, who is currently professor and the Associate Director of Centre for Hydrology and Canmore Coldwater Lab, at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. The interview was conducted by Sina Khatami, a PhD student at the University of Melbourne. With their agreement, we reproduce ...[Read More]