How to find your next job in Earth sciences?

How to find your next job in Earth sciences?

An open and free platform for vacancy pages in Earth Sciences for academics

Are you tired of spending hours searching the job pages of each institute, laboratory or project? Then this platform is for you! Whether you are a student or an academic, we gather the relevant pages to facilitate this process. Our goal is to unclog the bottleneck for academics by providing easy access to new positions. Start browsing the pages of our new free and open platform now and contribute to its growth! 

Michaël Pons. Contact me by email or follow me on twitter @MichaPons.

For many of us, the last EGU General Assembly was the first opportunity to attend a big scientific meeting in person since the beginning of the pandemic. It demonstrated that networking is an important aspect of congresses and conferences and is crucial for establishing new opportunities for early career scientists. Information often circulates by word of mouth, but a large majority does not have access to this because of distance or because their country is still under restrictions due to the pandemic. The lack of networking particularly affects early career scientists who no longer have access to information or for whom meetings have become rare in recent years. Information on open positions too often is only available at a local level and does not reach an international level. Therefore, applying for a position becomes a real headache as you have to find the laboratories, institutes, and projects that are recruiting in a sea of information of all kinds. Sites like earthworks have tried to solve this problem, but not all organisations are willing to publish on those sites, and it may not be free. That is why I created a free and open platform that can directly reference the job offers of each organisation to improve their accessibility. And everyone can contribute to this platform!

How does it work?

Figure 1 : a preview of the leaflet platform (beta version) seens by computer (left) and phone (right).

EarthSciencesJobMap gathers the job pages of organisations that offer PhD, a postdoc and other academic positions related to Earth sciences. The idea is that a you can simply click on a link and see if there are  positions  available, improving the  job hunting experience for both prospective candidates and the organisations themselves. I think a good database will reduce the academic bottleneck that leads people to be stuck for sometimes months before finding the right opportunity by making other organisations and pathways known.

 How can you contribute?

Simply fill out the form and add a link to the job page and geographic location. Once completed, a marker will be added to the map in the next 24 hours. I hope this new platform will make the experience of finding a new job in Earth Sciences easier. I would love to hear your feedback on how to improve the platform! So grab your mouse or your phone and let’s get started!
Figure 2 : the form can easily be filled out in one minute !

Note: This is a beta version and I am looking for volunteers who are interested to develop the platform. Please contact me!!

Michaël Pons is a postdoc at GFZ. He is working on the modeling of subduction processes associated with the formation of the Andes, as well as global-scale modeling. His research interests range from mantle and lithosphere dynamics to surface processes.

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