What to expect from EGU22: hybrid General Assembly

What to expect from EGU22: hybrid General Assembly

This year, the EGU General Assembly 2022 (EGU22) will be in hybrid form, with on-site events in Vienna (returning after three years of absence), while at the same time introducing new concepts to include virtual attendees as much as possible. With the hybrid conference looming in just a few weeks, it’s time for all attendees to finish (or start..) their scientific contributions and figure out how to make the most out of the conference. In today’s blog post, GD Early Career Scientists (ECS) representative Anna Gülcher will guide you through the most important concepts of #EGU22, including relevant events for the GD division and for early-career scientists in particular.

The official GD hashtag for EGU22 is #EGU22_GD. If you tag the GD twitter (@EGU_GD) in your tweet, your content will be shared!!

Concept of EGU22: Vienna, Austria & Online

The last two General Assemblies, Sharing Geoscience Online in 2020 and vEGU21: Gather Online, were organized as virtual meetings due to the Covid-related restrictions.The EGU General Assembly 2022 (EGU22) will be a conference with a virtual component where everybody is welcome, in person or online! While networking opportunities for online participants may be limited opposed to on-site participants, EGU22 aims to provide as many opportunities for connecting as possible, both online as on-site. Check out the diverse set of activities and events you may come across during EGU22 in the summary below.

  • Scientific sessions: all scientific sessions at EGU22 will be run in full hybrid mode, using the lecture room settings for on-site attendees combined with Zoom for virtual participants. Each 90-min session block consists of short oral presentations of 5 to 7 minutes, and either some questions will be handled right after each talk, or a general Q&A will occur at the end of the session.
  • Union symposia (USs) and Great Debates (GDBs) are union-wide events intended to be cutting-edge, current, and of interest to a broad range of space and geosciences. Check for US and GDB (“browse by session”) on EGU’s programme website!
  • Short courses (SC) focus on skills/abilities that are related to science and research, or aim to provide training in skills needed by people working in the sciences. Please browse the programme for SCs.
  • Townhall meetings (TM) allow participants to take part in a lot of open discussions. This year’s meeting covers a huge variety of topics, have a look for TM on the programme.
  • Medal and Award Lectures (MAL): each year, a number of scientists receive EGU awards for their scientific contributions and will give keynote lectures about their awarded work. The 2022 Geodynamics division awardees are David Bercovici (August Love Medal) and Timothy J. Craig (Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award)!
  • The Exhibition corner provides various means for you to learn more about career opportunities (inside and outside academia) and to even get in touch with potential employers. You can find more information here.
  • Division meetings: Each scientific division of the EGU will organise an official meeting. Make sure not to miss the latest updates from the division(s) you are affiliated with!
  • Pop-up Networking events are perhaps one of the most important events of the GA. There will be the opportunity to network with peers in various forms via these Pop-up” events. Anyone can schedule such a “pop-up” event via the scheduler on the EGU22 homepage (also spontaneously during the GA!). There will be an option to either schedule it at an onsite location (outdoor), an offsite location, or enter the link to the event. Each division of EGU will organise at least one networking event – mostly offsite – some particularly aimed for Early Career Scientists (see below).

Are you also so excited to be back at the Vienna Conference centre? Image from EGU CL blog post


Geodynamics division meeting and ECS networking events 

The Geodynamics (GD) division will host several on-site and hybrid events throughout the upcoming GA. These events will give participants the opportunity to learn more about the division, and to meet and connect with colleagues from all over the world! Several events will be aimed for Early Career Scientists – only, since they have been particularly impacted by networking restrictions in the last few years. Mark the following times and events in your calendar:


This event is particularly aimed at early-career scientists (see definition) in the Geodynamics, Seismology, and Planetary and Solar System Sciences divisions to connect with each other before the official GA starts. As the event is scheduled the day before the scientific sessions start, it is also the perfect opportunity to gather tips and tricks on how to make the most of the conference. We will meet in a park in Vienna centre at 17:00. Keep your eye on the event description under the “pop-up networking events” in the EGU22 programme, where the location will be soon announced. Bring your own drinks/snacks, and we hope to see you there!


Scientists from all career stages and an affiliation to the Geodynamics division are encouraged to join our division’s meeting. Get the latest updates on the past, current, and future plans of our division! Make sure that you have had your own lunch quickly before, take it with you, or have it after this one-hour meeting. We hope to see many of you there, or connected online (zoom link will be made available via the conference website).


Scientists from all career stages are invited to the joined social evening – with the Seismology and Tectonics and Structural Geology divisions in the Bermuda Brau bar on Wednesday evening, 25th of May, starting at 20:30. The idea is to provide an informal platform for anyone affiliated with GD, SM, or TS (or simply curious) to catch up with friends and meet new colleagues from any of these divisions. For these divisions, the Bermuda Brau is a traditional Wednesday-evening tradition for the EGU conferences, and we hope to continue this tradition!  If you are unsure where, inside the bar, to find us, simply keep your eye out for conference badges or simply ask the bar staff. Looking forward to see you there!


This event is aimed at early-career scientists (see definition) in the Geodynamics division. The idea is to provide an informal platform to catch up with friends, meet new people in your field, and to learn more about the Geodynamics division and its activities, while having a nice dinner and drinks in the centre of Vienna. You can either meet us at Thursday, May 26th, 19:00 at Gigerl Restaurant, or meet us at 18:30 at the conference centre to departure together (you will be updated via e-mail after registration). Note that EGU Early Career Scientist stands for anyone who obtained their MSc or PhD degree within the past 7 years (extension possible, see EGU website). You can find more information and register for the GD ECS social event here


Note that there may be more (networking, all-career stages) events organised than noted above, e.g., through the spontaneous Pop-up” networking events. Stay tuned for regular updates of this blog post, via our social media, or check out the network events on the EGU22 programme website!


This year, we will have all-career-stage bar evening joined with the SM and TS division in the familiar Bermuda Bräu bar on Wednesday evening (from 20:30). An Early Career Scientist networking evening is planned on Thursday, May 26th, and comprises of a Geodynamics-only dinner in the Viennese restaurant Gigerl. Remember to sign up for the event!


Conference highlights

Below you will find a list of interesting and GD-specific events of the EGU22, excluding  scientific sessions (so make sure to also check out the scientific programme). Note that this is just a small list of possible events. Also make sure you follow the GD Blog and our social media (GD Facebook page and GD Twitter) to stay updated during the conference! Times are displayed in CEST time:


Connect with friends and colleagues from all over the world. Image from the #vEGU21 Youtube video “Welcome to the Virtual Conference Centre”


Your participation is needed!

Much like any conference, the EGU22 will be as successful as its participants are willing to make it! Only active participation of attendees will increase the impact of the hybrid GA. The more people that participate in the hybrid/virtual/on-siteevents, the better the scientific and/or social outcome, the more can be learned for future events, and thus the better for our scientific community as a whole.

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Anna is a Postdoctoral researcher at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena, US. Her research is focused on, but not restricted to, the interior and tectonic processes that shape rocky planets such as Venus and Earth. Anna uses numerical modelling tools to study these processes and strives to integrate her results with observations across the Earth and planetary sciences disciplines. She tweets under @PlanetaryAnna.

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