Happy new year!

Happy new year!

It’s 2018! Another year to finally publish that paper, finish your PhD, find a new job, finish that project, and be happy! The EGU Geodynamics Blog Team is looking forward to keep brightening your Wednesday mornings with the most interesting and funny blog posts. In this first post, we wish you all, of course, a happy new year!

Iris van Zelst



I wish everyone a very happy, productive, writing-guilt-free 2018 with lots of publications, funding, success, and happiness!




Anne Glerum



Wishing everybody a happy, inspiring and fruitful 2018! Time to start with a clean slate and write another adventurous chapter of life!




Luca Dal Zilio


Run, run, run
It’s time to have
fun, fun, fun 🙂
Sprint to the tree,
it’s the season to be jolly!
Happy Holidays is what you’ve won!


Grace Shephard

Greetings from EGU’s Geodynamics Blog team
We’ve enjoyed our first year and look forward to twenty eighteen
We’ll report on Earth’s secrets from the frontlines
And wish you fruitful collaborations, realistic expectations, and manageable deadlines.

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Iris is a postdoc at the German Aerospace Center in Berlin, Germany. Her current research revolves around modelling Venus. Previous projects concerned subduction dynamics and the associated seismic and tsunami hazards. Iris is the former Editor-in-chief of the GD blog team and now sometimes just blogs for fun. You can reach Iris via email. For more details, please visit Iris' personal webpage or check out her youtube channel:

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