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Call to participate to the public consultation for the Water4All-Partnership

Call to participate to the public consultation for the Water4All-Partnership

Those of you who are active in proposal writing might know the programme Water4All Partnership – Water Security for the Planet. It is a funding programme for scientific research in freshwater with the goal to address urgent water-related challenges. The programme is co-funded by the European Union within the frame of the Horizon Europe programme (lasting until 2027) and includes 90 partners from 33 countries in the European Union and beyond.

Contribute your view on the future of this programme!

We now all have the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of this programme by participating in the  public consultation  on its future focus. In my opinion, it is important to make your hydrologist’s voices heard since the hydrology and water resources community covers a unique range of research scales and methods and brings together scientists with very different educational backgrounds, rooted e.g. in geography, engineering or geoecology. Thus, our community has an interdisciplinary and integrative view on water-related challenges, ranging from physical, biological, chemical, socioeconomic, legal and behavioral process understanding to questions of monitoring, quantitative (numerical) prediction and real-time decision making.

Water4All started in 2022 for seven years and the two past joint transnational calls for projects focused on “Management of water resources: resilience, adaptation & mitigation to hydroclimatic extreme events & management tools” (2022, Budget 30 M €, 27 projects selected) and on “Aquatic Ecosystem Services” (2023, Budget 36 M €). The upcoming calls are on “Water and circular economy” (Sept. 2024) and on “Water and Health” (Sept. 2025).

The activities within the Water4All Partnership are based on its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), first released in 2022. This agenda is to be updated by 2025 and accordingly, a public consultation has been recently opened and will be closing on 11 Aug. 2024. The aim is to gather perspectives from stakeholders on the scientific scope of Water4All. This is a great opportunity to contribute your views on what the key water-related topics should be addressed by the programme!


Bettina Schaefli is a professor for hydrology at University of Bern (Switzerland). She was the head of the Catchment Hydrology Subdivision of EGU from 2016-2019 and was editor of the Hydrology and Earth System Sciences journal (2008-2022). She has been the lead editor of the Hydrological Sciences division blog since 2018.

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