The Sassy Scientist – Dungeon Diving Postdoc: Critical Hit or Critical Miss

The Sassy Scientist – Dungeon Diving Postdoc: Critical Hit or Critical Miss

From 22°C December to 6°C (end of) March… Something feels off. Maybe the climate also decided to change fields. So Denise asks:

How feasible is it to change your field as a postdoc when you’re terrified of being ghosted by hiring committees or getting rejection letters?

Dear Denise,

Sure. I mean, why not? Changing to a new field as a postdoc is like stepping into uncharted territory: exciting, nerve-wracking, and maybe a tad daunting. Huh, maybe it is more like riding a rollercoaster… But, hey, it’s all about flexing those transferable skills, making new connections faster than you can say “LinkedIn” and unleashing your passion for this new topic that makes your heart skip a beat. And no, it’s not some elaborate scheme – despite those rejection emails. So what if you’ve been ghosted more times than you’d care to admit? Your perseverance –not the Mars rover, though wouldn’t that be cool?- is what sets you apart. Keep hustling, my friend. Remember, you’re just a postdoc, hungry for knowledge. After all, it’s not like you’re switching to studying platelets, blood clots, and whatnot.

Yours truly,
The Sassy Scientist

P.S. Hmm, speaking of rollercoasters, now that EGU is coming maybe I should plan a visit to Prater.

P.P.S. No, the reason behind my short answer is not my presentation at EGU. No, no. Definitely not.

P.P.P.S. Maybe I should start a new campaign to get all the DnD references out of my system. I’ll think about it.

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