post-AGU blues

post-AGU blues

Under the motto Better Late than Never, in today’s blog post we look back at the AGU 2019 Fall Meeting 2019.

Last December (9-13th December) the AGU 2019 Fall Meeting took place during which Earth and Space scientists from all over the world gathered in San Francisco in the pursuit of high-quality science and a more sustainable future, through worthy discussions and networking. Whilst the previous two Fall Meetings had been relocated to New Orleans and Washington D.C., this time we returned to a newly renovated Moscone Center in San Francisco, the home of the AGU Fall Meeting for more than 40 years. This meeting marked AGU’s Centennial year (100th anniversary), and special Centennial presentations and events were organised throughout the meeting to celebrate this milestone. In particular, the Centennial Central hosted various specialised sessions featuring emerging and well-known scientists. Each day, those sessions focused on a different area of Earth and Space Sciences.  The aim of AGU 2019 was to bring to life the past, present and the future of our science with the motto:

Celebrate the past, inspire the future

This year we were back in San Francisco at the newly renovated Moscone Center


Fall Meeting 2019 officially kicked off in style with a festive Opening Night Celebration and Icebreaker in the exhibition hall, during which many companies, research institutes and universities got to showcase themselves and their gadgets. I surely believe that during this night, the record for the beer queue was broken. There were also plenty of other occasions throughout the week to socialise, network and catch up with long-lost colleagues during various AGU evening events and receptions, in the poster hall or at a (karaoke) bar or two..


Huge crowds assembled for the opening night in the exhibition hall (or was it for the free beer?)


This Fall Meeting was a great way for early career professionals to share their science, advance their career, and gain visibility and recognition for their own scientific efforts alongside the world’s leading scientific minds. With more than 25,000 oral and pico/poster presentations, the latest advances in groundbreaking research were showcased, and I believe all of us got inspiration and ideas for our own projects. Lucky for us who has many conflicts of schedule, or for those who chose to save CO2, plenty of AGU 2019 content has been made available online: a goldmine of AGU19 lectures and press conferences have been added to the AGU Youtube channel.

The AGU fall meeting will be back in San Francisco at the end of this year! We can barely wait for more! Luckily there is EGU coming in a few months… We hope to see many of you there!

Anne & Menno
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