Winners announced: Here are the best EGU Blog Posts of 2022!

Winners announced: Here are the best EGU Blog Posts of 2022!

As future-focused as we like to be at EGU, we sometimes pause to look back at the year gone by – just a brief glimpse to appreciate all the good work of 2022! As always, we had so many inspiring and thought-provoking blog posts published this year across the EGU’s official blog GeoLog and division blogs. Thank you to each of you for your writing contribution!

To continue our annual appreciation for the impressive display of science writing across the blogs, we launched the annual EGU Blogs competition in December 2021. From a shortlist of posts selected by our blog editors, we invited you, the EGU Blogs readers, to vote for your favourite post of 2022. We also invited EGU division blog editors and office staff to take part in a panel vote. After a month of voting, the winners are finally in!


***Drum roll please***


Congratulations to the Climate: Past, Present & Futures (CL) Division Blog, winner of the public vote, and the Natural Hazards (NH) Division Blog, winner of the panel vote!

The Climate: Past Present & Futures Division blog was crowned winner of this year’s public vote for their post on “A glimpse into the INTIMATE’s summer school of 2022” written by Ricardo N. Santos. This blog is a fascinating read on deciphering natural archives that hold secrets about past climate conditions. “INTIMATE” stands for INTegration of Ice-core, MArine, and TErrestrial paleoclimate records, and comprises a panel of international paleoclimate scientists who develop innovative past climate reconstruction tools and methods. This network brings together senior and early-career scientists in a collaborative research and training environment at biennial summer schools. Find out more by reading the post now!

As for the panel vote, the Natural Hazard Division blog ranked first with their post: “Breaking the glass ceiling in diversity, equity, and inclusion in geosciences” written by Shreya Arora. This blog features a very open, important and honest conversation with Dr Kuheli Dutt, Assistant Dean for DEI at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on the lack of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the geosciences. “The reality is that talented people come from all backgrounds, and what we refer to as “merit” is often really the outcome of having access to resources and opportunities,” explains Dr Dutt in this must-read interview.


But wait….we’re not done yet! We would also like to add that all the posts entered into the competition are worthy of a read too. You can click here to find the blog contest announcement, and then scroll down to the list of shortlisted entries to read them individually.


If you find yourself inspired by the range and breadth of posts across the EGU Blogs and would like to try your hand at a little science writing, then remember all the EGU Blogs welcome (and encourage!) guest posts. We particularly encourage a wide diversity of writers to send us their ideas, as it is the variety of guest posts, in addition to regular features, which makes the blogs such a great read.


If you would like to contribute to any of the division blogs or GeoLog, please send a short paragraph detailing your idea to the EGU Media and Communications Officer, Gillian D’Souza at

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Gillian D’Souza was Media and Communications Officer of the European Geosciences Union between 2022 and 2024. She oversaw the Union's blog writing, press interactions and external communication. She has been a science writer on various subjects including health and the environment for close to a decade, and has an M.Sc. in Food Microbiology and Biochemistry from Mumbai, India.

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