How to EGU22: 3 on-site Early Career Scientist networking events to look out for!

How to EGU22: 3 on-site Early Career Scientist networking events to look out for!

You’re an Early Career Scientist (ECS) attending the General Assembly (on-site, finally!) and looking to get the most out of Europe’s largest geoscience conference. Perhaps you want to grow your network of researchers and fellow science enthusiasts, or get a firmer grip on the many career options unfurling before you. Maybe it’s your first time and you don’t know where to start. If any of these apply to you then check out the three key Early Career Scientist networking events we think you won’t want to miss!

First-time attendee and mentee meet-up (on-site only) Mon, 23 May, 12:00–13:00 (CEST) Business Lounge

Dedicated to first-time General Assembly attendees and mentees, this informal event is a drop-in-as-you-please space for building networks with other fellow first-timers. This is the perfect opportunity for mentees to meet their mentors and step into networking with other mentees from a range of disciplines. Talk science, careers, or what you want to get out of the Assembly.

ECS Networking Reception (on-site only), Tue, 24 May, 19:00–20:30 (CEST) Hall A

An informal networking event, the Reception brings together ECS, experienced researchers, those in other science-related careers, in and out of academia. This is your opportunity to talk to award-winning scientists, build connections with your peers, and get advice from those further along in their career. Just turn up, grab a snack and talk science, careers, or whatever you want.

Places at the reception are limited and to attend, you need to register in advance; registration will open up closer to the Assembly so keep an eye on your ECS mailing lists and social media – spaces fill up fast!

ECS Forum (on-site only), Thu, 26 May, 17:00–18:30 (CEST), Room F1

What is an ECS Representative? What do the ECS community do within EGU? And how do you get involved?  Answers to such provocative questions will be found in the ECS Forum, held in Room F1, on the second floor of the conference centre. Find out how the ECS represent Early Career Scientists within the Union, the numerous events they run during the General Assembly and throughout the rest of the year, and how you can join in – be it as an attendee at a Campfire talk, blog writer, or how to become an ECS Representative yourself.


On top of this there are plenty of Division-level networking events planned, both on-site and virtually. Some will occur within the conference centre during the day in dedicated networking rooms or even outside as planned picnics, whilst others will occur further in Vienna, from dinners to drinks – you can even add your own by using the Pop-up Networking Scheduler! Beyond the Division events are other member-led opportunities, with some returning classics such as the EGU Pride networking events. Keep an eye on the EGU programme as well as the EGU blogs for more updates on upcoming events!

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Simon Clark is the Project Manager at the European Geosciences Union, where he oversee project, community, and organisational development. Simon is also the point of contact for early career scientists (ECS) at the EGU Executive Office. They have a PhD in Ecohydraulics and Environmental Engineering from the University of Liverpool, UK. Beyond research, Simon also has a strong interest in science-communication, -art, and -storytelling. You can find Simon on twitter @kelpiesi.

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