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Winners announced: Here are the best EGU Blog Posts of 2022!

Winners announced: Here are the best EGU Blog Posts of 2022!

As future-focused as we like to be at EGU, we sometimes pause to look back at the year gone by – just a brief glimpse to appreciate all the good work of 2022! As always, we had so many inspiring and thought-provoking blog posts published this year across the EGU’s official blog GeoLog and division blogs. Thank you to each of you for your writing contribution! To continue our annual appreciation fo ...[Read More]

GeoTalk: meet Francesco Avanzi, researcher in meltwater security!

Francesco Avanzi

Hi Francesco. Thanks for agreeing to this interview! To break the ice, could you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your research? Hey Simon! I’m an Italian hydrologist and earned a PhD at Politecnico di Milano with a dissertation on how snowmelt contributes to seasonal runoff. I then did a postdoc at UC Berkeley, California, where I collaborated with a major US hydropower company to improv ...[Read More]

Why do we keep dismissing drought?

Day and Night – Flood and Drought by Martina Klose

“If you see me, then weep” Like the foreboding inscription witnessed by Dante as he passed through the gates of Hell, the inscription chiselled into the so-called “hunger stone” marks the passing of a threshold into suffering. As the hunger stone emerges from the dwindling waters of the Elbe River, Czechia, it reveals a history of desiccation. Where spiritual torment is pro ...[Read More]

Imaggeo On Monday: The Papingo’s rock pools

Imaggeo On Monday: The Papingo’s rock pools

The Papingo’s rock pools are located at the mountainous area of Epirus in northwestern Greece, at an altitude of 980 meters. The Rogovo stream, over the years, has eroded the limestone rocks creating a complex of water falls and cavities (natural rock pools) with clear and cold running water, which the locals call “ovires”. Photo by Athanasios Serafeim, as described on   ...[Read More]