An Ode to the Coffee House


This week, Jac van Driel, PhD student at UCL shares with us his deepest thoughts on how to write the manuscript of his PhD thesis. Hoping you will enjoy: “An Ode to the Coffee House”. Like many cordial expressions of civilised society, Covid-19 has plunged café culture to into stasis with the permanence of its condition not yet known. Pre-crisis, my hedonistic consumption of coffee use ...[Read More]

The challenges (and the perks) of being academic nomads

The challenges (and the perks) of being academic nomads

It has become inevitable for scientists to move abroad for their jobs. Moving to and living in a new country can be a very exciting, yet also tough experience.  In today’s blog post, Irene Bonati (PhD Student at the Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo)  discusses the challenges and perks that come with the nomad lifestyle of many academics. Research provides a kind of freedom that almost no ...[Read More]