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#shareEGU20_GD: online EGU General Assembly highlights

#shareEGU20_GD: online EGU General Assembly highlights

In response to the growing concerns over the COVID-19 epidemic, EGU has cancelled the physical General Assembly in Vienna and will instead host EGU 2020: Sharing Geoscience Online (#shareEGU20), a week-long series of online activities during which attendees can remotely interact, discuss and share research. With the virtual GA looming in less than a week, it’s time for all attendees to finis ...[Read More]

Can plume-lithosphere interaction initiate a modern subduction zone?

Plume-induced subduction inititation?

This week in News & Views, dr. Marzieh Baes from GFZ Potsdam introduces us to the mechanisms behind subduction initiation. Moreover, she discusses the different types of subduction initiation in reaction to plume-lithosphere interaction that she observed in her recent 3-d numerical modelling study. Possible scenarios of subduction initiation According to plate tectonics, oceanic plates are for ...[Read More]

The challenges (and the perks) of being academic nomads

The challenges (and the perks) of being academic nomads

It has become inevitable for scientists to move abroad for their jobs. Moving to and living in a new country can be a very exciting, yet also tough experience.  In today’s blog post, Irene Bonati (PhD Student at the Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo)  discusses the challenges and perks that come with the nomad lifestyle of many academics. Research provides a kind of freedom that almost no ...[Read More]

Science. Exploration. Survival.


A scientific career can be a struggle. This week Dave Stegman, Associate Professor at Scripps, draws parallels between being a scientist and being an Antarctic explorer. He dangled in the crevasse, unable to touch the sides; the abyss beneath was hundreds of feet deep; the rope he was suspended from was 14 feet long, connected above to the sledge he had been hauling. Was it luck when his sledge ha ...[Read More]