EGU General Assembly: Geodynamics Division

EGU General Assembly: Geodynamics Division

The EGU General Assembly is fast-approaching! This week, we interview two members of the Geodynamics Division team – Jeroen van Hunen and Garima Shukla – to hear their thoughts on the upcoming General Assembly. We’re also sharing all of the key events planned by the Geodynamics Division to add to your conference program.

The Geodynamics Division at EGU24

As we approach the General Assembly, Jeroen van Hunen (Division President) and Garima Shukla (incoming Early Career Scientist Representative) share what they are looking forward to at EGU24 and their best advice for first-time attendees.

“Tell me about your role in the Geodynamics Division.” I am the President of the Geodynamics Division at EGU until April 2025. My main task is to organise and coordinate the scientific programme of the GD Division during the EGU General Assembly.

Jeroen van Hunen, EGU GD President

“What are you looking forward to at EGU24?” EGU has always been one of the highlights of my academic year, because there is so much to look forward to: hearing about the latest scientific results in any of the many oral sessions, meeting new scientists and discussing research at the wide range of poster sessions, meeting old friends at one of the social events in the corridors of the conference centre or in the evenings, and afterwards coming back from EGU with new research ideas. As GD Division President, I also look forward to presenting the latest news and discussing future developments of the division at the Geodynamics Division Meeting, which is held this year during the Tuesday lunch break in room G2. One of the pleasures of being the division president is being able to announce the GD medal and award winners during the awards session (this year on Tuesday evening 7-8 pm in room K1).

“Can you share your best piece of advice for a first time attendee?” I think it is important to make a plan of which sessions to attend during the week, and don’t be disappointed that you cannot attend every session of interest. But also use this week to meet new people.

– Jeroen van Hunen, EGU Geodynamics Division President.

Garima Shukla incoming EGU GD ECS representative.

“Tell me about your role in the Geodynamics Division.” My goal is to encourage interaction among the division by organizing events, meetings, webinars, and internships that promote collaboration across disciplines. I want to support young scientists by getting them involved in EGU activities.

“What are you looking forward to at EGU24?” I am keen on staying abreast of the latest developments in my field and establishing connections with fellow researchers. In this regard, I am eager to participate in the Icebreaker event scheduled for Sunday preceding the General Assembly, anticipating valuable interactions and meaningful discussions with peers who share similar interests. Following the event, I look forward to the meal gathering, as it presents an excellent occasion to network in a more informal atmosphere. Additionally, I am open to participating in any social gatherings that may be organized, acknowledging the significance of nurturing relationships beyond the confines of academia.

“Can you share your best piece of advice for a first-time attendee?” My best advice to first-time attendees is to actively network, keep an open mind, take notes to maximize learning and connections and not forget to ask questions.

– Garima Shukla, incoming EGU ECS Representative for the Geodynamics Division.

Geodynamics Division: Key Events

The meeting programme is now live! As you prepare your schedule, don’t forget to add these GD events to your conference programme:

What: ECS Pre-GA Icebreaker

When: Sun 14 April 15:00-18:15 CEST

Where: Copa Beach

This event is designed for Early Career Scientists to meet before the start of the conference.  It’s a great opportunity to get to know other attendees from the Geodynamics, Seismology and Geodesy Divisions. If you’re planning to collect your badge from the convention centre on Sunday, pop down to Copa Beach and join us for a relaxing afternoon with other Early Career Scientists.

What: Meet the Geodynamics Division Team

When: Mon 15 Apr, 13:00–14:00 CEST

Where: EGU booth – Hall X2

Are you interested in learning more about the team running the Geodynamics Division? Would you like to become more involved in EGU? Come along and have a chat with the GD President, Deputy President, Science Officers and ECS reps to hear more about their roles and how to get involved.

What: Geodynamics ECS Dinner

When: Mon 15 Apr, 18:30–22:00 CEST

Where: Gigerl restaurant 19:00 (meet in front of the conference centre @ 18:30)

The Geodynamics ECS Dinner is a nice opportunity to meet other Early Career Scientists from across the world. It’s always a sell-out event so registering your attendance is essential. To attend, sign-up via this form.

What: Division meeting for Geodynamics (GD)

When: Tue 16th April, 12:45-13:45 CEST

Where: Room G2

The annual division meeting provides an opportunity for you to learn more about the Geodynamics Division, including a summary of this year’s activities and our forward plans. This is the primary forum for the geodynamics community to share their thoughts and ideas on the direction of our division.  This meeting is held at lunchtime, and lunch will be provided. We would love to see you there! 

What: Geodynamics 101: Numerical modelling

When: Tue 16 Apr, 16:15–18:00 CEST

Where: Room -2.85/86

If you’re new to the world of geodynamics, come along to the Geodynamics 101 short course! In just two hours you’ll be provided with the basic concepts of numerical modelling of solid Earth processes. The content will be shared in a non-technical manner, so it’s perfect for anyone who is new to the field.

What: Augustus Love Medal Lecture

When: Tue 16 Apr, 19:00–20:00 CEST

Where: Room K1

The Augustus Love Medal Lecture will be held on Tuesday evening.  The recipient of the Augustus Love medal, Taras Gerya, will give a talk entitled New Frontiers in Geodynamics. The GD Division Outstanding ECS Award recipient, Anne Glerum, will give a talk on Geodynamic controls on sediment-hosted lead-zinc deposits in continental rifts

What: Geodynamics Dinner

When: Wed 17 Apr, 19:30–23:00 CEST

Where: Kolarik’s Luftburg Restaurant

Join us for dinner at Kolarik’s Luftburg Restaurant from 19:30. Sign up is essential – to confirm your place, sign-up via this form.

What: Geodynamics ECS Lunch

When: Thu 18 Apr, 12:30–14:00 CEST

Where: G Terrace

Join us on G Terrace for an informal lunch with other geodynamicists (byo lunch). Get to know other Early Career Scientists within the Geodynamics Division and learn more about the activities of the Geodynamics ECS team.

Run your own event at EGU24

If you would like to organise your own event at EGU24, take a look at the pop-up networking scheduler. These community-led events are a great way of connecting people within (and beyond) the Geodynamics Division during the General Assembly.

Short Courses

There are 60 short courses running at this year’s General Assembly. These courses provide an interactive forum to learn more about a specific topic. In particular,  if you are interested in extending your knowledge of another discipline, consider attending a 101 short course:
  • Geodesy 101 : Mon, 15 Apr, 12:45–13:45 (CEST) – Room 1.15/16
  • Seismology 101: Tue, 16 Apr, 12:45–13:45 (CEST) – Room N2
  • Geodynamics 101: Tue, 16 Apr, 16:15–18:00 (CEST) – Room -2.85/86
  • Geology 101: Wed, 17 Apr, 12:45–13:45 (CEST) – Room N2
  • Tectonics 101: Wed, 17 Apr, 18:15–20:05 (CEST) – Room 1.15/16

Your Scientific Programme

The EGU24 app is now live! This app allows attendees to create a personal programme for the General Assembly. You’ll be able to highlight specific talks and entire sessions that are relevant to your research. Don’t forget to check out the union-wide, community-led and interdisciplinary sessions. Here are just a few highlights from these categories:

Share your EGU24 experience on social media

The Geodynamics Division will be using #EGU24_GD at the General Assembly. To share your experience with the geodynamics community use @EGU_GD on X.

Megan is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on understanding the interplay between mantle dynamics and surface processes. Megan is part of the GD blog team as an editor and is also the ECS representative for the geodynamics division.

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