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The Sassy Scientist – Solely Sequestered

The Sassy Scientist – Solely Sequestered

Embedded on a chair behind a laptop, with no access to the university labs in the foreseeable future and hands-on research activities stalling, Felicia resides ensconced: I need to access my lab to do my research, but I am not allowed to go. What can I do? Dear Felicia, Not very much by the looks of it. I suggest: take a load off and get some sleep. Wean yourself off of that 12-16 hours a day rout ...[Read More]

The spikey end of geodynamics: The story of the echidna and plate tectonics

An equidna

This week, Craig O’Neill, Associate Professor and director of the Planetary Research Center at MacQuarie University shows that not only humans are suffering from the consequences of global warming. The recent Australian bushfire season has precipitated a shift in the Australian – and the world’s – perception of the urgency of addressing climate change. With most of the east ...[Read More]