Into the Unknown: Research Cruises and the Geologist’s Drill

View aboard the JOIDES Resolution

With love for geoscience comes a zest for exploring the natural world. What we want to explore might not always be close to us. But science finds a way, even if it means sailing to the middle of the ocean. This week, we are going to dive into the nuts and bolts of how research cruises work in this blog post by Kuan-Yu Lin from the University of Delaware. Kuan-Yu recently sailed as an igneous petro ...[Read More]

The Sassy Scientist – Mi Outcrop Es Su Casa

The Sassy Scientist – Mi Outcrop Es Su Casa

Stuck at home, Roger keeps alive the hope of returning to fieldwork. Obviously, he wants my thoughts on: What are your top tips for planning fieldwork during a pandemic? Dear Roger, I see you started the long and costly process of planning remote fieldwork, only to have it cancelled by a pandemic. Given the huge uncertainties you have two big options ahead of you (and no middle group of course, be ...[Read More]