The Sassy Scientist – Of Codes And Cares

The Sassy Scientist – Of Codes And Cares

On the matter of code choices, Alexa could have asked Siri, but instead chose an old-fashioned medium of enquiry compatible across all operating systems and wrote in to ask: Should I perform my research with an in-house code, an open source code or a commercial code? Dear Alexa, As a famous novel does not quite begin, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a geodynamicist in possession of a g ...[Read More]

It’s just coding … – Scientific software development in geodynamics

As big software packages become a commonplace in geodynamics, which skills should a geodynamicist aim at having in software development? Which techniques should be considered a minimum standard for our software? This week Rene Gassmöller, project scientist at UC Davis, Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics, shares his insights on the best practices to make scientific software better, and ho ...[Read More]