Menno Fraters

Menno is a postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis in the USA. He investigates the interplay between the crust and the mantle through numerical modelling, with a focus on the study of subduction zones. He is a primary developer and maintainer of both the geodynamics code ASPECT and the initial conditions generator code the Geodynamic World Builder. Menno is part of the GD blog team as an editor.

ASPECT 2021 hackathon

Minions with or versus dinos?

Last year we introduced the ASPECT hackaton on this geodynamics blog. It was the first hackathon which went virtual which brought a whole set of new challenges. This year was the 8th version of the yearly hackathon, and it was still virtual (unfortunately). Fortunately lessons where learned from the previous virutal hackathon and generally from working more than a year online. Therefore a short bl ...[Read More]

Expand your toolbox: Three new programming languages to try out

Will you add a new programming lanuage to your toolbox?

Geodynamists usually do at least a bit of programming, but in many cases a lot of programming, although that might just be my academic bubble. Most of that programming is done in programming languages that have been around at least since the 80’s (Fortran, C and C++) or early 90’s (Python). These programming languages have of course evolved considerably over time, but new languages keep popping up ...[Read More]