Geodynamica: Earth & Planets – a new diamond open access journal!

Geodynamica: Earth & Planets – a new diamond open access journal!

Do you want to publish and access papers for free? Do you want to improve the system by promoting equitable publishing alternatives? Then read on to learn about Geodynamica: Earth & Planets: a new community-powered Diamond Open Access Journal (DOAJ)!

Join the conversation on discord by following this link.

Diamond Open What?

Diamond Open Access journals are peer-reviewed journals that are free to read (no subscription fees! all open access!) and free to publish (no article processing charges to authors!). They are typically backed and created by a highly motivated scientific community under the motto: for scientists, by scientists!

Over the past few years, different fields in Earth sciences created their own DOA journals like Volcanica, Tektonika, Seismica, Sedimentologika, and Geomorphica. And now, it’s time for geodynamics to join in on the fun!

Geodynamica: Earth & Planets

We envisage Geodynamica: Earth & Planets as a journal that welcomes research and discourse on all aspects of the interior structure, dynamics, and evolution of the Earth and (exo)planets from a range of methodologies. Have a numerical modelling paper? Great, we’d love to have you. Have a cool observational paper? Awesome, please submit!

Before we get to the submission stage though, there is a teeny, tiny hurdle we need to overcome: creating the actual journal. And that’s where you come in!

Provisional launch of Geodynamica: Earth & Planets in autumn 2024

Get involved!

Currently we are a group of six scientists who really want to commit to making Geodynamica: Earth & Planets a reality: Maëlis Arnould, Mandy Bethkenhagen, Thibault Duretz, Mohamed Gouiza, Stefano Maffei, and Iris van Zelst.

We are happy to serve as a steering committee and drive the creation of Geodynamica: Earth & Planets, but establishing Geodynamica: Earth & Planets is a community effort and we need your help!

Join the conversation on discord by following this link to start talking about what you think Geodynamica should be.

Our priority for now is to put in place three different teams:

  • An editorial team, which will define the scope of the journal and the different article types and will be responsible for the editorial process once the journal is launched;
  • A technical team, which will be in charge of the website and paper production process with the help of our sponsor UC Press from the University of California (which is also behind the very successful EarthArxiv initiative, for example);
  • A media team, which is in charge of communication, promotion, and the visual identity of the journal.

And don’t worry, you won’t be alone in any of these teams. In addition to forming the steering committee, the six core members of Geodynamica: Earth & Planets are also going to spread out over these three teams to push the various aspects of creating the journal.

Sounds interesting?

As the first steps, we are looking forward to defining the scope of the journal, determining the different article types of Geodynamica: Earth & Planets, and seeing a beautiful, striking logo for our new journal!

Do you want to get involved in this new exciting adventure and play a more active and formal role in the creation of Geodynamica: Earth & Planets?

  • Fill in this google form about who you are and what team you’d be interested in joining.

With your help, we plan for a provisional launch date of Geodynamica in autumn 2024. Looking forward to having you on the team!

The core team of the new diamond open access journal Geodynamica: Earth & Planets consists of Maëlis Arnould, Mandy Bethkenhagen, Thibault Duretz, Mohamed Gouiza, Stefano Maffei, and Iris van Zelst.

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