The Sassy Scientist – Everything everywhere all at once

The Sassy Scientist – Everything everywhere all at once

Ever wondered how to manage a flurry of projects without losing your sanity? Maggie was curious if the Sassy Scientist could provide some insight into this. So she is asking:

How do I manage to work on multiple projects at a time?

Dear Maggie,


You simply DON’T. Let me debunk this “juggling a gazillion projects is the key to success in academia” myth faster than you can imagine. Attempting to work on multiple projects is like trying to catch two flying squirrels with one hand – entertaining to imagine, but a guaranteed circus act disaster in reality. So, you don’t attempt to do such things.


Yours truly,

The Sassy Scientist


p.s. Be aware of the flying squirrels

p.s. Carry a repellent with you, and don’t hesitate to use it if a multitasking bug approaches you

p.s. If it wasn’t clear, it’s your PI.


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