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Towards an exciting EGU General Assembly with HS (and more)

Towards an exciting EGU General Assembly with HS (and more)

The EGU Programme Committee convened in late October to finalize the scientific program for the upcoming General Assembly, GA2024. Their task involved organizing the numerous session proposals, spanning 22 divisions, including Inter- and Transdisciplinary (ITS) sessions, discussing the format of scientific sessions (do expect news for virtual posters and PICOs at GA2024!), the mentoring programme, the OSPP awards and much more.

A Promising Programme for the Hydrological Sciences Division

The Hydrological Sciences division (HS) received a large number of session proposals and many co-organization requests from other divisions. 

The HS president and subdivision chairs worked in October to craft a coherent and interesting program for the community. 163 HS sessions have been published in the online program for the call for abstracts (more than 13% of all EGU submitted sessions), including 27 planned as PICOs (check them here). 

The program begins with sessions numbered according to our subdivisions, from HS1 (General Hydrology) to HS10 (Ecohydrology). These sessions cover a wide spectrum of topics within hydrology, encompassing measurements, modeling, forecasting, managing water resources, and much more. 

This year, there’s a novel addition, a group of sessions under the banner “Hydrology in Climate Change” within HS1.1. The idea is to cover/explore a new theme each year in HS1 with the next one to be discussed/decided at the Division Meeting during GA2024.

Short Courses and ITS Sessions 

In addition to the subdivision sessions, there is a selection of 11 short courses (SC) of particular interest to hydrology. This list is part of a comprehensive range of SC that are organized at EGU (see the full list here). 

Furthermore, there is a collection of 9 Inter- and Transdisciplinary Sessions (ITS) related to hydrological sciences. These sessions were submitted to the ITS division and explicitly requested co-organization by HS as the main topic-related division. This year, ITS sessions invite contributions exploring several themes, i.e., Digital Twins, Climate Change, Natural Resources, Nature-Based Solutions and more (see the details here). 

Apart from the ITS sessions, the program includes 30 “Further Sessions of Interest to Hydrological Sciences” (HS13), organized by other EGU divisions that directly align with the interests of hydrological sciences while being complementary to what is already listed in the programme of the HS subdivisions (HS1 to HS10).

Submit Your Abstract to EGU24! 

The call for abstracts is open from 1 November until 10 January 2024 (13:00 CET). As in previous years, abstract submission follows specific rules and guidelines, that you will find on the egu24 website starting from November 1st. 

To submit an abstract as first author, it’s essential to be a 2024 EGU member, so do not forget to renew your EGU membership for 2024

Additionally, there are participation support schemes to facilitate broad participation in EGU24. You can check eligibility criteria on the website (again, from November 1st), and if applicable, submit your abstract by 1 December 2023 (13:00 CET).

Roadmap to the General Assembly

This year, we had outstanding success in the call-for-session phase. Thanks to all HS conveners and co-conveners for being so propositive. 163 sessions!

Given that we usually end up with about 100 sessions taking place, approximately the limit of available slots for HS in Vienna, some of them will need to be merged to fit within the schedule for a full week of scientific engagement, from morning to evening, in April 2024. 

This merging process will be handled collaboratively by the subdivision chairs, the HS president, and the session conveners in January/February 2024. It’s really worth expressing appreciation to all conveners and co-conveners for their contributions in shaping the GA.

Last but not least, remember to follow us on X and on Instagram, and to subscribe to our Division newsletter for updates on #EGU24!


Edited by Christina Orieschnig

Alberto Viglione is an Associate Professor at the Politecnico of Turin since 2019. His research focuses on the characterization of hydro-meteorological extremes. In 2021, he was elected HS Division President for the period 2023-2025.

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