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Call for Applications: Early Career Scientist Representative of the EGU’s Hydrological Sciences Division 

Call for Applications: Early Career Scientist Representative of the EGU’s Hydrological Sciences Division 

Do you want to take on a leading role in the community of young hydrologists across the world? Then apply to become the Early Career Scientist Representative (ECS rep) of the Hydrological Sciences (HS) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU)! 

You’ll have the chance to shape the academic experience of other young hydrologists, interact regularly with EGU leaders, and impact the evolution of your discipline. 

Applications are open until the 19th of March. The new HS ECS rep will officially take over the mantle of their predecessor at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna in April.

What Does an ECS Rep Do? 

EGU ECS reps are appointed for a term of two years. Their roles vary. Most of all, you will act as a voice for young researchers in the field. You’re also their point of contact for any questions these early career scientists may have about our community. 

In addition, ECS reps usually organize sessions at the annual General Assembly in Vienna together with the Young Hydrologic Society (YHS), a worldwide organization of early career scientists in hydrology. The aim is to increase the awareness of young scientists about what the EGU does and how they become involved. 

Furthermore, ECS reps for the HS division are expected to participate in meetings with reps from the other 21 EGU divisions. These meetings take place in person once or twice a year and online every one or two months. The online meetings typically last 1–1.5 h. You’ll also be expected to work closely with the YHS. 

Finally, HS ECS reps are also warmly invited to contribute to our blog and social media presence. 

Want to know more about the HS ECS rep experience? Check out this interview with Florentine Weber, one of our two current reps! 

How to Apply 

Interested? Here’s how to apply! 

By Sunday the 19th of March, submit a CV (2 pages max) and a 200-word vision statement to ecs-hs@egu.eu and to hs@egu.eu. Outline what you think you could do as the ECS rep for the HS division: How would you represent the EGU and interact with other young researchers? How will you harness your skills and talents to contribute to the community? 

After the deadline, a shortlist of two or three candidates will be selected in consultation with the YHS. This shortlist will be forwarded to the HS division president as well as to the vice president and to the HS ECS reps, who then select the successful candidate. 

Before the General Assembly in April, an acceptance email will be sent and the new HS ECS rep will have to confirm that they are prepared to take on their new role. 

The official handover happens at the General Assembly in Vienna. The incoming rep will shadow their outgoing counterpart to get a sense of how they work and fulfil their responsibilities. 

Taking the Leap!  

The hydrological sciences community within the EGU is a diverse, welcoming, and animated space. Becoming an ECS rep will allow you to immerse yourself into this community fully, and help shape its future.

Do you have any questions, doubts, or considerations holding you back? Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our current HS ECS reps, Florentine Weber and the outgoing Elena Cristiano under ecs-hs@egu.eu


Christina is a hydrologist at the University of Montpellier in the South of France. She specialises in integrating remote sensing data into regional and local hydrological models. She's also the incoming ECS rep of the EGU's Hydrological Sciences division.

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