The Sassy Scientist – Chill Pill Refill

The Sassy Scientist – Chill Pill Refill

Angela is one to stress out just a wee bit every time a conference is right around the corner. It’s almost like she consistently doesn’t prepare in time. Ever so slightly concerned, her office mate asks: How last minute is too last minute when preparing for a conference? Dear Angela, Just take a breather and come down from your academic productivity high! It’s an untenable situat ...[Read More]

And the solution to your lock-down-related sadness is…

Phat Thai!

Cooking of course! Let me explain. This week, instead of doing his job, Antoine Rozel (senior researcher in ETH Zürich), shows that all your life problems will instantly disappear if you start cooking. Warning, this introductory paragraph is not going to cheer you up, skip it if you are already feeling blue unless you want to suffer a little more (that’s OK). Clearly the explosion of number ...[Read More]