Ayako Tsuchiyama

Ayako Tsuchiyama

Ayako Tsuchiyama is a Ph.D. candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research motivation is to reveal the physical interaction between megathrust earthquakes and other seismic or geophysical phenomena by understanding source mechanisms of earthquakes in subduction zones from top to bottom. She is currently working on regional seismic activities of deep-focus earthquakes in Bucaramanga Nest, Columbia. She is excited to see seismographs potentially recorded on Titan during the Dragonfly mission, as her primary PhD project is in seismology.

Exploration of Deep Earthquakes and Planetary Interiors

Cross-sectional view showing location of deep earthquakes

Most earthquakes on Earth start in the shallow, brittle part of the planet. However, there are several regions where earthquakes happen deep in the mantle. Where are these regions? Why do these earthquakes get so deep? In this week’s blog post, Ayako Tsuchiyama from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) takes us on a journey into the mysterious world of deep earthquakes.  Growing u ...[Read More]