Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences

NP Campfire: “Perspectives on Climate Science: from historical developments to research frontiers”

NP Campfire: “Perspectives on Climate Science: from historical developments to research frontiers”

Recently, the European Geosciences Union (EGU) started to support a new type of event called ‘Campfires’ that will give the Divisions the freedom to run online interactive events in a way that suits their needs. This allows the EGU Divisions to encourage interactions in their research communities through virtual informal meetings. In this framework, and thanks to a group of young and established scientists within the Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences (NP) Division, a second series of webinars on the historical developments and research frontiers in climate science is about to start. The main aim is to hear first-hand from some of the scientists who played a key role in shaping our understanding of the climate system. Each speaker will give their personal perspective on the recent history of climate science, discussing the circumstances under which they approached the climate problem, the colleagues and advisors that served as inspiration for them, and how their contribution helped to open new ways in the common thinking of the research community. This unique opportunity is aimed at providing inspiration and motivation to both early career scientists (ECS) and established researcher to push their ideas forward and to better understand the past and present rationale of the climate research community.

Unless differently specified, all seminars will be hosted via the Zoom platform at 2:30 pm Central European Time.
Access details are provided upon free registration here.

20.01.2021 → Brian Hoskins (Imperial): “Potential Vorticity”
27.01.2021 → Klaus Hasselmann (MPI-M): “Klaus Hasselmann’s perspectives on climate: an interview”
03.02.2021 → Susan Solomon (MIT): “The Scientific And Policy Challenges Of The Antarctic Ozone Hole: A Global Success Story”
10.02.2021 → Kerry Emanuel (MIT): “History of the Scientific Understanding of Hurricanes”
24.02.2021 → Eugenia Kalnay (UMD): “It’s not just Climate Change”
03.03.2021 → David Ruelle (IHES): “Chaos Theory: The Multidisciplinary Origins”
17.03.2021 → Pascale Braconnot (LSCE-IPSL): “Paleoclimate modeling to test climate feedbacks and variability”
24.03.2021 → Berengere Dubrulle (LSCE-IPSL): “On the concept of energy cascades in turbulence: from Richardson/Kolmogorov picture to multifractal and beyond”
31.03.2021 → Giovanni Jona-Lasinio (Sapienza): TBA

Everyone welcome to attend and we hope this kind of activity could be of benefit for all of you!

The organizing committee
Tommaso Alberti (INAF-IAPS, Italy)
Lesley De Cruz (RMI, Belgium)
Christian Franzke (Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany)
Vera Melinda Galfi (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Valerio Lembo (ISAC-CNR, Italy)

I am a researcher at the Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology, an Institute within INAF (National Institute for Astrophysics), in Rome, Italy. My research activity is focused on data analysis and modeling, via dynamical system and statistical mechanics approaches, to understand complexity in geoscience, space plasma, and planetary environment. My interests cover all aspects of geosciences (magnetosphere, ionosphere, climate variability), planetary environments (coupling with solar wind, plasma physics, exosphere), and space plasma (turbulence, intermittency, MHD vs. sub-proton physics) on both theoretical and data analysis aspects. I am the Early Career Scientists Representative for the Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences (NP) Division.

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