Hydrological Sciences

Caroline Aubry-Wake

Dr. Caroline Aubry-Wake is a postdoctoral fellow in the Mountain Hydrology group at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She investigates how water moves in high mountain regions using fieldwork data and hydrological simulations, with her project looking into cryosphere-groundwater interactions in the Langtang basin, in the Nepal Himalayas.

Organizing a Workshop as an ECS: Lessons learned from “Cryosphere-groundwater interactions: a missing link in mountain water research”

Plenary discussion on the outcomes of one of the group discussions on “where does the water go in the glacierized landscape”?

Despite the importance of mountains for downstream water supply, there are large gaps in our scientific understanding of how snow and ice meltwater travels through the landscape, specifically which flowpaths meltwater takes below the surface. Plus, existing knowledge is scattered throughout various sub-disciplines of mountain hydrology: glaciology, snow science, hydrogeology, and surface hydrology ...[Read More]