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Meet the Hydrological Sciences (HS) Early Career Scientist (ECS) Team

Meet the Hydrological Sciences (HS) Early Career Scientist (ECS) Team

Who Are We?

At the forefront of hydrology’s fascinating world, there is a dynamic group of young scientists passionate about understanding the complexities of water in all its forms: The HS Early Career Scientists (ECS) from the European Geosciences Union (EGU). 

The HS ECS team is a heterogeneous, multidisicplinary and devoted group of passionate individuals from diverse geographical locations worldwide, including doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and young professionals.

Introducing our team’s masterminds in innovation: As the ECS Representative from Bonn, Germany, Kirsten M. Florentine Weber (Research Scientist at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, ECMWF) coordinates international partnerships and strategically plans for the future of ECS, opening up new avenues for the organization’s work in areas such as interdisciplinarity and sustainability. Our upcoming ECS representative, Christina Anna Orieschnig (Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier), is a master of all things, including social media, email marketing, and blog editing. She is also passionate about raising awareness of ECS projects.

The ECS Rep Team is pleased to welcome Athanasios V. Serafeim (Post-doctdoral Researcher at the University of Patras) from Athens, Greece, who is passionate about both water distribution networks and building relationships with other scientific societies by promoting science communication, while actively involving in our division’s blog editing. Team members benefit from the knowledge and experience of London-based Jordi Buckley (PhD Student at Imperial College London), who specializes in catchment modeling and the ways in which hydrological sciences and agricultural management interact. Our ECS Rep Team Assistant Santiago Duarte (PhD Student at the Institute for Hydrological Education Delft) is now in charge of the Instagram media editor role, where he is working tirelessly to boost interactions between EGU ECS and the public and to investigate the political and data science ramifications of hydrology.

Last but not least in our team is Fangjun Peng (PhD Student at Imperial College London), who is based in London, UK. Despite his role as an advocate for wetland protection and coordinator of campfire sessions, Fangjun also helps out with newsletters and promotes collaboration among scientists in their early careers. The future of hydrological sciences is being shaped by this energetic ECS team as they weave a narrative of collaboration, exploration, and advocacy.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to promote the realm of water sciences, foster synergy among ECS, and advocate for the forthcoming generation of hydrologists within EGU. We strongly endorse the importance of better comprehending water systems so as to effectively tackle the pressing challenges facing our planet, spanning from water scarcity to climate adaptation.

What We Do

The HS ECS is actively engaged in a range of activities, including:

Promoting Hydrology: While hydrologists hold a pivotal role in addressing global challenges related to water resources and environmental sustainability (e.g.: water scarcity, groundwater Depletion, interconnectedness of Water-Energy-Food Nexus), it is our responsibility to raise awareness about the profound importance of water and its extensive societal repercussions. Among other activities, we help run the EGU HS blog and the division’s social media profiles.

Fostering Collaboration: As teamwork is the foundation of scientific progress, we actively facilitate collaboration among early career hydrologists within EGU and beyond. For instance, we work closely with the ECS of the International Association for Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), as well as the Young Hydrologic Society (YHS). Our goal is to catalyze innovative research and problem-solving at the intersection of hydrology and related fields, by breaking down barriers, connecting researchers from diverse backgrounds, and encouraging cross-disciplinary partnerships. 

Advocating for ECS: Our efforts within the EGU are geared towards amplifying the voices of young hydrologists as we recognize the unique challenges that ECS face (e.g.: balancing work-life commitments, job Insecurity and/or establishing a research identity). We’re committed to ensure equitable opportunities, resources, and mentorship. Developing a successful mentorship program and expanding one’s professional network are both essential components of career advancement. However, researchers who are just starting out in their careers may have a difficult time locating acceptable mentors and opportunities for networking within their profession. Thus, we support ECS not only in excelling their career, but also to meaningfully contribute to the field of hydrology through their freshly minded and innovative research. 

Hydrologist meet-up organized by the ECS team during the general assembly 2023 in Vienna.

Education and Outreach: We encourage knowledge spreading through workshops, webinars, and outreach initiatives, so as to illustrate the most cutting-edge hydrological research and ignite inspiration within forthcoming generations of water scientists. Among other initiative, we organize short courses during the General Assembly (GA) in Vienna, on topics ranging from how to publish your first paper to how to build your scientific network. Plus, we organize campfire events and webinars during the entirety of the year, together with the ECS reps from other Divisions within EGU (our upcoming event is approaching). 

Join Οur Mission

The HS ECS team extends a warm invitation to individuals who share our passion for hydrology and our dedication to effectively influence the world through water science. Whether you are a student, researcher, or a passionate water practitioner, our community has a spot reserved for you. Together, we can delve into the sphere of water, collaborate on pioneeringr research, and collectively contribute to addressing some of the most the pressing challenges of our generation.

Connect with Us

Stay up to date with our latest activities and connect with the HS ECS team on X and Instagram, or subscribe to our Newsletter. We are looking forward collaborating with you, and with combined forces, make a meaningful impact in the dynamically evolving field of hydrology.

Athanasios V. Serafeim currently serves as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Cagliari in the field of climatic characterization and simulation of main hydrological variables that control the hydrological cycle, while working also as a Consulting Manager of INNSSYT Consulting in Athens, Greece. His PhD research focused on the development of an integrated, theoretically founded, and practically applicable methodological framework for resilient reduction of leakages in water distribution networks.

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