GeoPolicy: EGU science for policy: what’s coming up in 2021?

GeoPolicy: EGU science for policy: what’s coming up in 2021?

There were a lot of big changes to the EGU’s science for policy programme in 2020 with many of our activities, such as the annual science for policy event and science-policy pairing scheme, moving online. But 2021 promises to be an even bigger year with a greater number of opportunities to engage and activities becoming even more accessible! So, if you haven’t engaged with science for policy before, 2021 might just be your year to get involved! This blog post will kick-off the New Year by outlining a few of the key science for policy activities that you can look forward to in the next 12 months.


Online science-policy networking opportunities

The EGU already hosted two networking happy hours in 2020 that gave EGU members the opportunity to meet those working at the science-policy interface in small breakout rooms, discuss issues relevant to their scientific expertise, and ask questions. In 2021, we will be hosting more of these events which provide attendees with an informal atmosphere and conversation starters to kick-off the discussions while allowing them to “go with the flow” and talk about other topics of interest! Keep a eye on the EGU’s webinars and online event’s page in 2021 to find and register for these events!

Virtual science for policy events

Not only does the EGU host an annual science for policy event, but we advertise geoscience-relevant policy events that may be of interest to our members! Many of these events are now free to attend and hosted online so you can attend them without having to travel or take a full day off work. This page is updated relatively frequently but you can also highlight your own science-policy event by filling in the submission form.

Science for policy sessions at #vEGU21, EGU’s virtual General Assembly.

More policy-related sessions have been submitted to EGU’s 2021 General Assembly than ever before! This includes policy-related Union Symposia, Short Courses and scientific sessions such as The Science-policy interface in hydrology – essentials for more impactful science, Natural Hazards Education, Communications and Science-Policy-Practice Interface, and Towards a net-zero world: remaining carbon budgets, climate response to different emission pathways, and implications for policy. There’s also still time to submit your abstract to these sessions – So what are you waiting for?! Keep an eye out for April’s GeoPolicy Blog Post which will highlight a selection of these policy sessions and help you select which ones you want to attend!

A new look for the EGU’s database of expertise

Members of the EGU’s database of expertise are sent a monthly update with geoscience-relevant policy news and opportunities for them to get engaged in. In December, we launched EGU’s science for policy newsletter which was a new format to carry this information. You can look forward to seeing more of this in 2021! If you’d like to receive this monthly newsletter, sign up for the EGU’s database of expertise here.

Reclaiming a physical presence?

Although the EGU has many new virtual science-policy activities for our members to engage with, we are hoping that in 2021, the EGU’s annual science for policy event and science-policy pairing scheme can return to their physical formats. Of course, this will depend on how the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine unfold but with both of these science for policy activities traditionally being hosted towards the end of the year, it might well be possible to see them being held in person once again!

The EGU’s new Science for Policy Working Group

In December, we announced the EGU’s new Science for Policy Working Group that aims to promote greater collaboration between the geoscientific community and policymakers, highlight policy-relevant outputs from EGU scientists, and support evidence-informed policy. The Working Group will provide feedback on EGU’s current policy activities and outline new EGU policy opportunities that will be approved by the EGU Council. The members of Working Group will be confirmed in late January 2021.

EGU’s 2021/22 policy priority area

The Geosciences encompass an extremely broad range scientific disciplines, many of which are relevant for policy. In addition to the EGU’s more general science for policy focus, we will be supporting a 2021/22 policy priority area. This priority area will be a topic selected by the EGU’s Executive and Council members that covers a range of EGU divisions. It will be overseen by the EGU’s Science for Policy Working Group and be supported by a task force of EGU members. Keep an eye on the policy section of the EGU website, this GeoPolicy blog and the EGU’s science for policy newsletter for updates on both the priority area and task force.


There’s plenty of science for policy to look forward to this year! But if you have any suggestions for new activities please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can reach me on Twitter using @Chl0e_Hill or via email

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Chloe Hill is the EGU Policy Manager. In this role, she provides scientists with information and resources that enable them to actively engage in the European policy process. She coordinates several activities that provide policymakers with scientific information and connects them with researchers around Europe. Chloe previously worked for the African EU Energy Partnership, and as a research assistant for the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability, the Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities, and Forestry Tasmania. Chloe tweets at @Chl0e_Hill

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