GeoTalk: Inaugural Katia and Maurice Krafft Award winner, Rhian Meara talks about the EGU award nominations.

GeoTalk: Inaugural Katia and Maurice Krafft Award winner, Rhian Meara talks about the EGU award nominations.

Hi Rhian, thanks for talking with us today about the EGU’s Award nominations, please start by introducing yourself!

I’m a physical geography and geology lecturer at Swansea University, with a particular focus on teaching through the medium of Welsh. I have been awarded the Katia and Maurice Krafft Award for my work on the British Sign Language Glossary Project, with colleagues from the University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University. The project collated and developed signs in British Sign Language for geographical terms to make the subject more accessible to deaf students.


What did it mean to you to be nominated for the inaugural Katia and Maurice Krafft Award?

It was so amazing to be nominated for the award! Knowing that colleagues and peers value my work has hugely boosted my confidence!


What kind of people and/or projects would you like to see nominated this year?

The award aims to highlight and celebrate work being done to improve access to the geosciences. I want to see nominations for people and projects that inspire me to continue developing and improving my own teaching and outreach in the future! I also hope to see a really diverse mix of people being nominated as this is something that I think is very important.


Nominations for all our awards are due by 30 June 2020. There are awards and medals in all Divisions for both regular members and Early Career Scientists (ECS). Nominating someone for an award is a lot more straightforward than you may think and we are especially interested in nominations of people who are currently underrepresented in our community, particularly thinking about gender, geographical location and career stage.


Detailed information on the selection process and how to propose a candidate is available on the Awards & Medals section of the EGU website. Nominations for all medals and awards must be submitted by online nomination.


Nominating someone for an award takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Assemble the nomination package: this includes a one-page nomination letter plus brief supporting materials, which vary by award.
  2. Follow the checklist: carefully verify the person you’re nominating is eligible, that the nomination follows all awards guidelines and best practices, and that the package clearly explains why the candidate deserves this recognition.
  3. Submit the nomination by 30 June: after ensuring that all materials are in a single pdf file and comply with the length requirements, complete and submit the online nomination form.
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