At the Assembly: Wednesday highlights

At the Assembly: Wednesday highlights

We’re halfway through the General Assembly already! Once again there is lots on offer at EGU 2015 and this is just a taster – be sure to complement this information with EGU Today, the daily newsletter of the General Assembly, available both in paper and for download here.

Today features more Union-wide events which celebrate the conference theme: A Voyage through Scales. First up is a symposium on the geocomplexity of scales (US1): a series of talks which will explore the variability of geosystems over a huge range of scales both in space and time. This is followed by a Lecture of general scientific interest (GL2) in the afternoon on archives of the continental crust by Chris Hawkesworth, which you can join in Y1 from 13:30 onwards. You can follow the sessions on Twitter with #EGU15US and #EGU15GL, and, if you’re not attending, tune in with the conference live stream.

The educational and outreach symposia (EOS) feature sessions on geoscience education, science communication, public engagement and related topics. This year there are a large number of EOS sessions on offer: today you could head over to the geoethics for society: general aspects and case studies in geosciences session, from 13:30–17:00 in Room R12, where talks will focus on the ethical and social implications in geoscience. Make sure to check the EOS programme to see if anything else catches your fancy.

Another promising event set for today is the EGU Award Ceremony, where the achievements of many outstanding scientists will be recognised in an excellent evening event from 17:30–19:00 in Room Y1. Here are some of the lectures being given by these award-winning scientists:

Today also sees the Penck Lecture of the Geomorphology Division take place. Ann V. Rowan will be talking about what can mountain glaciers tell us about climate change: quantifying past and future discharge variations in the Southern Alps and Himalaya (KL2) from 12:15–13:15 in G2.

Now on to short courses! Today offers the opportunity to learn how to write the perfect paper in geomorphology (SC47/GM11.2, 17:30–19:00 in G2), learn the basics of climate modelling (SC43, 19:00–20:00 in B12) and increase your chances of securing funding for your next project by attending this two part workshop: How to write a successful ERC Starting Grant proposal (SC19/TS10.1, 15:30–17:00 / Room B4), followed by the broader, finding funding: how to apply for a research grant (SC39, 17:30–19:00 / Room B13).

And check out some of today’s stimulating scientific sessions:

Finally, remember to take the opportunity to meet your division’s representatives in the day’s Meet EGU sessions and, if you’ve had enough of the formalities, head on over to GeoCinema, where you’ll find some great Earth science films, including the finalists of EGU’s Communicate Your Science Video Competition. Make sure to vote on your favourite entries by ‘liking’ the videos on the EGU YouTube channel.

Have an excellent day!

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Laura Roberts Artal is the Outreach and Dissemination Manager at The Water Innovation Hub (University of Sheffield). Laura also volunteers as the Associate Director of Communications for Geology for Global Development. She has also held a role in industry as Marketing Manager for PDS Ava (part of PDS Group). Laura was the Communications Officer at the European Geosciences Union from the summer of 2014 to the end of 2017. Laura is a geologist by training and holds a PhD in palaeomagnetism from the University of Liverpool. She tweets at @LauRob85.

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