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#OnTheRocks – Because Earth is just beautiful!

#OnTheRocks – Because Earth is just beautiful!

From the time the first Kodak camera in 1888 went on sale we can say with confidence a geologist somewhere was trying to capture field photographs. We love to capture the beauty of the field and every geologist has a story to tell. The EGU would like to connect these stories globally in our new #OnTheRocks series.

#OnTheRocks will produce a compilation of geological photographs on different scales (everything from thin sections to field photographs to satellite images) and the titillating tales that come with them. To share all the beauty of the great outdoors and all the joyous stories amassed by the geological community we’ll be posting your photos once a week on our social media where everybody can discover them!

At the end of each month we will release a blog to tell you more about these photo highlights and the wonderful people/groups behind them. Did a dog eat your field slips? Did you lose your 10th hammer? Do you have some breathtaking geological pictures to go along with it? Come share them with us so we can tell the world.

Anyone can share with us. Are you a geology society, schoolgroup or just someone who loves to rock? Then get in touch with us on Twitter at @EGU_TS or send an email to eguts.ontherocks@gmail.com and help us spread #OnTheRocks around the world.

The inspiration for this series comes from http://www.travelinggeologist.com/map/ where gorgeous field photos and blogs can be browsed for free! Check them out @travelinggeolog on Twitter.

Written by Grace Fitzgerald and edited by Hannah Davies.

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Silvia Brizzi is a fixed-term researcher at the Laboratory of Experimental Tectonics (Science Department, Univeristy of Roma Tre). By combining analog and numerical modelling with natural data analysis, her research aims at better understanding the relationship between long-term tectonics and seismicity of subduction zones. Her current project focuses on the interaction between the seismic cycle of the subduction megathrust and the forearc topography.

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