Imaggeo on Mondays: A marvellous moving image

Every year, in association with our annual General Assembly, we run a photo contest to feature and celebrate fantastic geoscience images. Last year we introduced a moving image component to the competition, giving photographers the chance to submit short clips of great geoscience footage. Here’s this year’s highly commended entry by Matthias Buschmann…

Svalbard’s stunning scenery (Credit: Matthias Buschmann via

Every travel opportunity is a chance to capture something beautiful on camera, whether it’s a marbled road-cut as you pause on a long journey, a look up through the trees on your way to work, or a glimpse at the land below as you fly to a far-flung location. The latter is what led Matthias Buschmann, a PhD candidate from the University of Bremen, to steal a few seconds of stunning Svalbardscape on camera.

Twice a week a small passenger plane brings cargo and keen scientists to the remote village of Ny Ålesund, Svalbard. On a mission to measure atmospheric trace gases from a joint French-German research base (AWIPEV), Buschmann stepped aboard, ready to capture data for a number of global atmospheric projects (the Total Column Observing Network and the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change), but that wasn’t all he captured on the trip.

Buschmann directed his camera out to the scene below, hit record, and – voila! – One lovely landscape for other eyes to see. He describes the scene: “Looking in north-eastern direction, the flight in this clip covers the outskirts of Ekmanfjorden, a northern branch of Isfjorden. The glacier we see beneath is called Sefströmbreen and, finally, the mountain range Palatiumfjellet with its Svalbard-characteristic shapes. We were really lucky to have such great weather after a couple of rather cloudy days”.

Imaggeo is the EGU’s open access geosciences image repository. Photos uploaded to Imaggeo can be used by scientists, the press and the public provided the original author is credited. Photographers also retain full rights of use, as Imaggeo images are licensed and distributed by the EGU under a Creative Commons licence. You can submit your photos here.

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  1. Not everyone is given the opportunity to capture a marvellous moving image like this. But for Buschmann, the chance was very lucky for him, his mission was with a purpose, & I am thankful to be able to see a marvellous one like this!


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