How to EGU22: Beyond the science – a world of networking, science for policy, mentoring, jobs and careers

How to EGU22: Beyond the science – a world of networking, science for policy, mentoring, jobs and careers

With EGU’s first hybrid General Assembly soon approaching, we’re sure you’re browsing through the conference sessions to bookmark your favourite ones. The scientific sessions are certainly amongst the highlights every year, but did you know there’s so much more you can explore during the week-long event? EGU22 has an exciting program with sessions that go beyond the science – including Early Career Scientist networking, science for policy, mentoring, and jobs and careers.

While some of these programs were introduced during previous conferences, this year EGU is working to tailor them to benefit on-site and virtual attendees alike. Read on for a brief description of each to know what to expect at this year’s General Assembly.


Early Career Scientist (ECS) Networking

One of EGU’s ongoing efforts is to support early career researchers with networking opportunities throughout the year. What better way to grow your academic circle than meeting peers at Europe’s biggest geoscience conference?

You can find when each ECS Division networking event is by visiting the EGU Programme. Choose “Please Select” and then “Networking” on the session programme page. Remember to keep an eye out for other ECS events too, like the ECS Union-wide Networking event and the ECS Forum.

If you’re unsure which Division your research falls under, read the descriptions below alongside the date and time of their event. You might find that your research fits under more than one Division, in which case feel free to attend multiple networking sessions!

More detailed information on ECS events at EGU22 will be shared in additional blog posts, closer to the meeting.


Science for Policy

Even if you’re just a bit curious about science for policy, we recommend adding a couple of the policy-related sessions to your EGU22 schedule. These sessions will help diversify your expertise and develop new skills, and maybe even meet some interesting people from outside of your immediate academic circle!

The EGU22 Short Courses, ‘The role of scientific institutions in policymaking’ and ‘How to influence policy through engaging with Parliaments’ offer a great introduction to science for policy and outline how scientists can engage in the European policymaking process. There are also a number of Union wide sessions, including an Union Symposia on ‘The role of the geosciences in preserving and restoring biodiversity’ and the ‘Climate change is a code red for humanity: What does this mean for the earth science community?’ Great Debate, that will offer tangible examples of scientific engagement at the policy interface. Finally, look out for our Ask a Policy Expert programme that allows EGU22 participants to have their policy questions answered through 30-minute 1-on-1 meetings.

More detailed information on Policy events at EGU22 will be shared in another blog post, closer to the meeting.


Mentoring Program

EGU has a special Mentoring Program that matches experienced conference participants (mentors) with those who have not previously participated in a large geoscience conference (mentees). The aim is to help participants network with other conference attendees, exchange feedback and ideas on activities and career development and to make the most of the many opportunities that EGU22 has to offer. You can take a look at what previous participants have said about their experience, which they describe as enjoyable and rewarding. To learn more about the program, you can also watch the recording of our recent EGUwebinar on mentoring or read this blog for a short summary of the Mentoring Program. Applications to be a mentee close 25 March (today!) but you can apply to be a mentor until 14 April 2022.


Jobs and Careers

The Early Career Scientist (ECS) working group ‘Jobs and Careers’ aims to bring together scientists of different career stages – both inside and outside of academia – with funding agencies and recruiters for networking and resources for career paths and jobs. Through short courses and a Great Debate at the EGU22 General Assembly, pop up events and webinars throughout the year, the group builds a platform not only for students and ECS, but also for researchers in later stages of their career path.

This year, EGU22 will include a speed-networking style event to bring together scientists and industry professionals, a panel discussion where researchers in different positions and career stages share their experiences, and a Great Debate on the state of academic jobs in 2022. This blog is a good starting point for information on the ECS working group’s activities at the General Assembly and throughout the year.

More detailed information on Jobs and Careers events at EGU22 will be shared in another blog post, closer to the meeting.


So there you have it! An exciting mix of sessions to help you in your immediate academic field and beyond – there’s something at EGU22 for everyone. If you haven’t yet registered for this year’s General Assembly, you can do it right away here. Early bird registrations close 31 March 2022, and the last day for on-site registrations is 14 April 2022. Grab your spot now!

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