How to EGU22: Jobs and Career opportunities at the General Assembly

How to EGU22: Jobs and Career opportunities at the General Assembly

Attending conferences is a great way to widen your existing network, meet potential employers and grow your professional skills. At EGU22, we bring you some exciting and useful career networking opportunities, regardless of whether you attend virtually or on-site in Vienna!


Great debates and career development short courses

Fixed-term contracts: opportunity or exploitation?

A lack of permanent positions and predominantly temporary contracts in academia poses a challenge for early and mid-career scientists. In this panel discussion, invited speakers will share their opinions and provide suggestions on how to move forward or revise the existing career system.
Mon, 23 May, 17:00–18:30 CEST, Room E1


Careers inside and outside of academia: Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion you will hear from scientists with experience in journalism, science communication, research, engineering and industry. They will share their career paths, provide advice for those interested in changing careers, and discuss the pros and cons of life in and out of academia.

Tue, 24 May, 15:10–16:40 CEST, Room -2.61/62


How to find funding

Finding funds can be a challenge in itself in academia, be it during PhD or after that. Unfortunately, a great proposal or idea does not always guarantee success; it involves developing your skills and exploring paths that can lead to securing funds. This course targets a wide range of audiences, from graduate students to early-career scientists, but anyone with an interest in finding funds can participate.

Tue, 24 May, 08:30–10:00 CEST, Room -2.61/62


European Research Council (ERC) Funding Opportunities in Geosciences

This short course will focus specifically on European Research Council (ERC) funding opportunities and presents the main features of ERC funding individual grants.

Tue, 24 May, 10:20–11:50 CEST, Room -2.61/62


The funding short courses are being followed by a pop-up event, where you can ask further questions and network with the conveners and experts of the two funding short courses.

Pop-up event: How to find funding 

Tue, 24 May, 12:00-12:30 CEST,  EGU Networking zone at terrace G


ADVANCEGeo Workshop – Strategies for Improving Workplace Climate in the Geosciences 

This interactive short course explores academic practices and institutional structures that allow for harassment and other hostile behaviours to persist. It also discusses initiatives to address harassment as scientific misconduct, and provides training in personal intervention strategies to protect and support targets of harassment through real world scenarios.

Tue, 24 May, 13:20–14:50 CEST, Room -2.61/62


How to build and grow your scientific network

Networking is crucial for scientists of all career stages for collaborations as well as to support their personal growth and career pathways. In this short course, panellists will share tips and tricks on how to build, grow and maintain your scientific network, followed by a useful networking exercise.

Mon, 23 May, 15:10–16:40 CEST, Room -2.61/62


Jobs and careers area and pop-up events

Just above the entrance hall (Level 1 gallery), you can find materials and resources for career development and job opportunities. This includes posters, video displays with previous short course recordings and a job board. Also keep an eye out for further jobs and careers related pop-up events in the EGU22 programme!

Meet exhibitors and experts

EGU22 has over 50 exhibitors attending the conference, from publishing houses to instrument developers, research institutes to consultancies. The exhibition is located in hall X5, just opposite the main entrance. The exhibition will be open from 10:00 CEST Monday through Friday. Virtual attendees can find exhibition materials on the EGU22 website.

Show you’re open to new opportunities

Regardless of whether you attend EGU22 on-site or virtually, your Copernicus profile offers the possibility to show you are in the market for a new job through the “Ask Me For My CV” sticker. Just enter the “My profile” section of the EGU22 homepage, click “Edit stickers” and enable the sticker via the toggle button!

You can further connect both virtually or on-site with individual researchers and peers by using the ‘My network’ section on the EGU22 homepage.


The EGU ECS group ‘Jobs and Careers’ aims to bring together scientists of different career stages – both inside and outside of academia – and funding agencies and recruiters for networking and resources for career paths and jobs. Through short courses and great debates at the EGU General Assembly, pop up events and webinars, the group builds a platform not only for students and ECS but also for researchers in the later stages of their career path.

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