Where can I watch the vEGU21 keynote sessions?

Where can I watch the vEGU21 keynote sessions?

Each year EGU presents several keynote sessions called the Union Symposia and Great Debates. These Union-wide events are carefully selected each year to cover topics that are of broad interest to our members, regardless of which Division or field of Geoscience they most closely associate with.


During the two weeks of the meeting we shared ten Great Debates and Union Symposia streamed live during vEGU21, and available on-demand through the vEGU21 online conference platform. However, as with every year, we also wanted to make these videos available open access to anyone who wanted to watch them, so over the next few weeks we will be uploading all ten Union Symposia and Great Debates to the EGU YouTube channel.


For the schedule of uploads please see the list below, where you will also be able to click through to the vEGU21 programme to read the full description of each event. Links to videos will be added as they are uploaded, or subscribe to our channel to be notified of uploads of each video and our other digital video content.


Union Symposia and Great Debate upload schedule:

16 July 2021

GDB1 Challenging discrimination in the geosciences: amplifying unheard voices (originally streamed 26 April 2021)



28 July 2021

US3 A Climate and Ecological Emergency: Can a pandemic help save us…? (originally streamed 20 April 2021)



11 August 2021

GDB2 The role of scientific information in an emerging environmental crisis (originally streamed 21 April 2021)



25 August 2021

US1 Integrating geoscience into the European Green Deal (originally streamed 23 April 2021)



8 September 2021

GDB3 Improving Research Software in the Geosciences Co-sponsored by EGU and AGU (originally streamed 22 April 2021)



22 September 2021

US2 Post-Covid Geosciences (originally streamed 23 April 2021)



13 October 2021

GDB4 Slow science vs fast science (originally streamed 20 April 2021)



27 October 2021

US4 Towards evolvable physics-based plants and landscape processes in terrestrial biosphere models (originally streamed 19 April 2021)



3 November 2021

GDB5 Bullying in Academia: towards creating a healthy and safe working environment (originally streamed 22 April 2021)

17 November 2021

US5 Faults, Rivers and Topography: in memory of Patience A. Cowie (originally streamed 21 April 2021)

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