#shareEGU20: commenting and what happens to your displays

#shareEGU20: commenting and what happens to your displays

Now that the week of #shareEGU20 is over, you may be wondering what happens to your display materials. As the materials have been uploaded to our new digital repository, EGUsphere, they will remain available online in their current format for the foreseeable future. Remember to check the copyright selected by the author if you want to interact with any of the uploads, and feel free to contact the author to continue the conversation.


But there is more! Until 31 May 2020 you can still comment on displays that have been uploaded! If you missed out on that during the week because you were too busy attending the live chats or watching a live stream, or if you had another question for an author that you couldn’t ask in the live chats, now is your time to do that! You only need to be logged in using your Copernicus login details and away you go!


If you an author and are wondering about how you will be informed that your display presentation has comments, how to reply and what to do if you need to report a comment for violating the EGU’s Code of Conduct, we have made a really basic walk-through video to show you how.


For a great example of how comments can be used in discussion already uploaded see Maria Bostanaru Dan’s presentation materials on: The 1834 Ermellek earthquake effects and the architecture of migration after war in Baroque times. Each new comment starts a new thread, and replies are added to the thread of the original comment. Author comments are labelled ‘AC’, all other comments are ‘CC’. All comments are number chronologically by either author (e.g. AC1, AC2, AC3 etc) or commenter (e.g. CC1, CC2, CC3 etc), regardless of where they appear in the threads.

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