Natural hazards workshop videos are online!

Every year, the EGU host a two day workshop for primary and secondary school teachers during the General Assembly. Geosciences Information For Teachers (GIFT) workshops aim to shorten the time between discovery and textbook, while providing teachers with material that can be used in the classroom.

This year, the workshop was on natural hazards, with scientists from the fields of seismology, volcanology and meteorology and more describing the latest research in their fields and enabling teachers to take a wealth of natural hazards knowledge back to the classroom. Videos of these workshops are now available our YouTube channel, so you can catch up on the latest in natural hazards research and, if you’re a teacher, take it back to your classroom too.

Here’s a short introduction to what’s online:

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And here’s the science – from extreme weather to earthquakes and eruptions:

  1. Increase of extreme events in a warming world
  2. Understanding the earthquake generation process – key results and grand challenges
  3. ESA Earth observation programme and its applications to natural hazards
  4. Convergent margins and mega earthquakes
  5. Triggered landslide events – statistics, implications and road network interactions
  6. Space weather – storms from the Sun
  7. Risk assessment of Vesuvius volcano

To find out more about the GIFT programme, please see the GIFT website. You also can watch videos from previous GIFT workshops on EGU TV.

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