Union Wide Events at the EGU General Assembly 2011 (Part II)

This post is the partner of Union Wide Events at the EGU General Assembly 2011 (Part I).

Townhall Meetings (TM)
Townhall meetings are on a variety of topics this year including careers, research and women in Geosciences (TM9). They’re an opportunity to discuss topics in a bit more depth than the oral session question times allow. TM10 is associated with the late breaking session on the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (US05).

Splinter Meetings (SPM)
There are two sorts of Splinter meetings at EGU General Assemblies:public and private. SPM1.X are the public splinter meetings that anyone can attend. This year they include presentations on research projects, networking events for young researchers and the Earth Science Women’s Network, sub-division meetings, an outreach panel and more. Some splinter meetings complement specific sessions, these are listed

Europe in Geosciences (EG)
Are a variety of sessions that have a pan-Europe outlook.

Educational and Outreach Symposia (EOS)
These are sessions focussed on Education and Outreach, some related specifically to programme groups (e.g. NH, OS etc.) and includes EOS01 “Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) workshop” which is a long-running event for high-school teachers and has an exciting oral programme, open to anyone who would like to attend the oral talks Monday to Wednesday in Room 29. There are also poster sessions for theses EOS sessions.

Now in it’s second year the GeoCinema (in the GeoCinema room on the Ground Floor) runs Monday to Friday 10:30 to 19:00. There are over 30 films in this year’s programme, ranging from less than five minutes to 90 minutes long. The schedule is online here. This includes Home, A Film by Yann Athus-Bertrand, which is showing twice, including on Friday afternoon from 17:30 to 19:00. A pdf with details of the films, including links to view them online (where possible) is available.

Bárbara Ferreira was the Media and Communications Manager of the European Geosciences Union from 2011 to 2019. Bárbara has also worked as a science writer specialising in astrophysics and space sciences, producing articles for the European Space Agency and others on a freelance basis. She has a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Cambridge.

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